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A lot of unknowns with how quickly it came to be implemented and distributed. I think for some folks who have been You know, felt forced to wear masks and distance and shut down and all that stuff. I Kind of get the sense that some some of them, uh resisting. Taking the vaccine is it is as much about them being able to kind of control something in a very uncontrolled situation. As of April, Stevens County north of Spokane, had the lowest vaccination rate in our state, according to the Tri City Herald. Mississippi has the lowest rate in the country at 34% having one dose as of last week. Case. Numbers of Covid are going down there as our hospitalizations, the governor of Mississippi says most people in his state have natural immunity now, though, vaccination efforts are continuing. As of yesterday, 52.5% of the US population had received at least one dose of the vaccine and 43.7% are fully vaccinated. Carlene Johnson Co Mo. News man brings our combo news time before 10 and ageless birdie leads the first place storm against the last place fever. Let's have almost Bill Schwarz sort it all out from the Beacon Plumbing sports desk. In the first dozen basketball games of the season. Seubert has been Seubert 11 points, six assists per game. Invaluable veteran leadership for the first place Storm, Bird says, Like other notable 40 something athletes you have to put in the extra work. It takes a lot to to stay at an elite level at a certain age, because the reality is your body is going to deteriorate in different ways. Um So the work you have to put in to maintain, um, you know, for a long time. I've joked I'm not trying to beat Father time. I'm just trying to tie him. Of course, Rick, ELISA and myself wouldn't know about that age thing. Bird leads the 10 and two storm against the one and 11 Fever at Indiana Tonight, the Mariners opened a week long baseball home stand with a 4 to 3 victory over Minnesota. Series continues. 7 10 tonight AT T Mobile Park with Chris Flexion for the EMS, Jay Happ, the Twins. And the Seattle Seahawks kicked.

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