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Us review the answers here. Miley Cyrus starred as Hannah Montana in the series of the same name. What was her character's real name in the show the answer? We're looking for is Miley Stewart almost said Milo Miley Stewart, would you have accepted Miley would not have interesting nineteenth last, by the way. Neither of us. Got that. Right. Now, it either what was the name of the Disney channel show where Selena Gomez got her start the answer to this one Waverley playing wizards of weight. Place. Got that. Incorrect St. was leaning towards that ws in my bring us, but that was incorrect then the final question here who is the actress who portrayed leasing McGuire. That answer is Hilary Duff. Donna could not answer that one Steve got that. Correct. Which means Pete Wentz. Maybe just have a kid or something. So that means Steve is the winner of today's Paul college of pop culture knowledge, which means stew is still you're going home with a pair passes fantastic movie. If Beale street could talk it got nominated for best motion picture drama for the Golden Globes and best screenplay. So this is going to be a good, Phil. You're gonna love it. It'd be a team player you're gonna love it still. You call it more often saying the horn, we'll get you hooked up. What what what did you just mumble there? No, you're absolutely right, Stu. I mean died no choice. But man, I made it closer than it should have been. Well. Bush. Maybe you could come up with something a little more interesting. Wow. Has turned the corner. He went from a show favorite to downright angry. All right will.

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