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Then I've ridden my bikes with guys and I'm just gonna say it had a leg blown off Hey or how to have any application after the fact or have had some other sort of injury a head injury added and Michael Smith was it Michael what what's up Michael Anthony Smith who by the way was in a body bag all right open up the body bag and like it's not mobile or something like I know you know honestly unlike in breathing amazing and he ended up he ended up being if you've been on the show that's exactly right now Anthony when I met him he was three or ten pounds smoking cigarettes and automatic wheelchair he was mad at the world just died this is was really he was really really focused and so we got him a bicycle and we paid for his martial arts training now he's done a million dollar challenge twice yeah he's gonna be out here again okay in April secondly I prepared man so the other three it's just a fantastic guy and what's interesting about that though isn't it is often times when someone wakes up from one of these injuries you guys are right there in the in the hospital bed so in other words it's it's not just your waking up where am I it's more of my my leg is potentially gone and who is this guy this guy yeah no it isn't you know when I meet a lot of these men women when their first injured they're looking at their recovery you know kind of like this and I'm looking at it like this you know surgery down and because we have been so many times before where we know where you can be correct you got to want to be there though right right so we let him know that you do get all the things he's doing things I never dreamed of doing that's what front line to finish line is getting from that front line from that battle space I really got injured to cross a border got that drive that motivation that you don't want to go to waste absolutely so what's interesting as we've got the Ironman seventy point three coming in Oceanside California if you're listening to us or what you're watching us on TV in New York City or listen to it one of the roads in Dallas Texas are Opelika Alabama hi this is insane Diego and the last dozen years CAF has been the official charity partner of Iron Man in Oceanside is helps you know of course.

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