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Indeed the and man yeah marin two oh disaster no two whoa whoa whoa here we are at the beautiful gamage memorial auditorium in tempe arizona is it tempe or tempe uh okay okay good and we're for sure who for sure it's not 10 pay like the fake meat it's not there i asked an uber driver last night whether it's to him p or ten p and he said i'm from st louis well we're in tonight was designed by the great frank lloyd wright a long time scottsdale residents i am a force a giant of architecture who's been uniquely inspirational across mediums it's often said the talking about music is like dancing about architecture now i don't dance but there are a lot of songs about frank lloyd reopened in june fare all woman then house by this mass thing occhetto vdh with prayers the ranked by done by the nose one yes in honor of this great scotts daily and whenever tonight opening monologue isn't going as well as i'd like we'll just play another frank lloyd wright song did you know that mr right designed this auditorium to be built not in tempe but in a different desert city halfway across the world if you didn't know that you clearly haven't had enough time on the asu gamage auditorium wikipedia page niro this building was meant for baghdad iraq but king faisal the second who commissioned it was assassinated in the july fourteen revolution right before construction was to begin crazy right well you know what they say was bad for king faisal is good for ten p temporary pompeii st louis what are we decide pete sampras inflicted dave nature raise big busy and believe me paul devotion and landed checked my motion lacking in motion thinking of dowd account showed bon while would land glory ride seo among the i guess wanted to building this gorgeous wherever you build it we will come and that's the best i could do for segue from frank lloyd wright into baseball now it's rangetrading praise god america's cup of coffee after it's winter hibernation last year we said there's always next year well here we are and.

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