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Tuned spotify wherever else are Mandela Saint's remains GonNa make you laugh I guarantee you. please. Focusing more on his investments and he's done now and he does work some indy dates with a young man named on callous who's now in a position of power with impact wrestling at the time he's wrestling as the natural they're going to team up and Manitoba. And they're even going to have some indy matches with Tito Santana. But in ninety six, he's. No longer wrestling don callous is teaming with him as the supermodels. And they're feuding with a couple of young upstarts named Adam impact and Christian. Cage who are GONNA go on to become edge and Christian. And we don't have an exact date on this sometime in the late nineties rick says that Paul Heyman. Tried to get him to come in AC w but he didn't want to. And Heyman even offered to let him work with whoever you wanted to do whatever he wanted but Martel said, no thanks. But. Then magically in ninety seven, there's talks about him coming back to the WWE. And Markelle says that the original plan was to come in and do a supermodels tag team with who we know is going to go on to become Siris on a CW don callous. He says, they would have been baby faces, but Cyrus would've turned heel on eventually. And Martel asked for a yearly deal. But when the contract arrived, it wasn't what he had been discussing. And it mentioned something along the lines of he needed to prove himself for three months. Ultimately we know don callous went to the WWF Rick Martel did not. He goes to the WCW We'll get into that in a minute. What do you remember about? Rick Martel being discussions to come in and ninety seven He remember what the? Issue was contract or if that's even accurate. And then lastly, what can you tell us about the supermodels idea of him Don Accounts? Well, the idea by the supermodels believed that was something that Rick the idea that Rick Ed you know we've done the model rick. Martel Salihi. He'd come any found this guy dom callous and said, they had great chemistry together wanted to bring don in as. A tactic. Because Rick looking you know wanted work attack. Damon. All he wanted to work fulltime is a singles anymore and we discussed it laid out the idea for it actually had. vignettes plan for them, and this is where you know Vinci's laying out. the vignettes them down on Miami beach and was like. It I and I see you guys you're walking down the beach. You're just wearing a thong and you go down the go down the beach and you have all the girls looking at you and you kick sand in the guys and it's a cross between. Charles Atlas in being bullies and all the women going wild. All this shit been saw is a heel. And They, both were just naturally you know heels. but the funniest part was is after is lane out these then yet and pat comes to me and he says. Bruce as is I don't get it. The Vince is hung up on these guys at the tongs I. Don't know why why can't just go barefoot on the beach and what do they got to be wearing the tongs Want Pat. Now he's actually talking `bout like thongs which like the. Asked loss. Chains juice string Jones yet yeah. Yeah, and he had he had. The walks away the shower shoes the tongs. Had explained pat with the tall was Oh, I thought he meant like a grill tool he meant like flipflops. Yeah Yeah, but the PATS. In passing the way the thongs. I speak I speak Pat Right Yeah I've seen you guys luck a couple of cats actually. J.. J. I would you. So What it Martin WanNa come in here or it was just the contract. What happened was is we sent we sent contracts out and they were the standard contracts. Gay I I don't believe at that point. That, we were doing the downside guarantees I, could be wrong but I don't think that their contracts were for any guaranteed money and again I could be wrong but if they were they were low and. WCW At the time was offering guaranteed contracts right. to come in what for them and rick us that it's time to to negotiate and and actually he really eating negotiate heard about it. Through the grapevine the Rick Martel was. Talking Eric Bischoff and we called Rick. So what you do and he's as well. He was not happy with this contract and I'm going to go WCW. Those that simple and I Don't know if he was planning on bringing callous with him. But CAL did not go with him and that's when we ended up using him For the. Now God with the Truth Commission? Yeah. So. Help me understand though you know we've heard a different times. The Vince could be very competitive. About. Not Losing talent to WCW. In Ninety seven does he just not have the luxury of the cash to really compete and so he just has to know and that was that's what I mean. It's. A correct myself because Rick Rick, did not come back and US trying to negotiate. But I'm saying when when Vince here's I'm going to WCW Rick was Oregon Okay I got you so as far down Emma heads it was it was already gone man and and it was we probably would have we probably would've gone Rick said Hey.

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