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With all right. Now we're gonna go to my the first place. Ice steve when i was in los angeles now you stayed now. What was your deal. You moved here. I remember you moving here with a girl. Let me tell you the story I went to sundance for the very first time. And i like fell madly in love with a woman that i met at sundance. And she was the woman i ever met an she at the time and she was just so cool and it was so exciting. What did she do for a living. She worked at on the disney lot for producer. And i didn't have a car. I didn't have a dime. So i was in a movie at my first Great part called gain. No you with michael. Weston and heather monterey also and we went to sundance which is a big deal. And while there i met this woman and she was just i was just like drop jawed and we really hit it off. But she was here and i was new york. We're gonna try and do the long distance thing and and so she lived in this house with two other guys. One was an actor and eventually became very successful agent. But they were like you know all roommates in this duplex and and it was really. I came out here with with. No money was stressful. Because it just didn't. I wanted to wanted to impress her and have her stay interested in me but i just had no money. I had didn't have a car. I didn't have a cell phone this like right at the beginning of cell phones. And i certainly couldn't afford one and so i and she was like living in the small back room. Like i think this one day was probably like the maid's quarters back in the day of the house. It was like. I swear you it was. She was in vincent's quarter. She was inventions quarters. I'm not exaggerating. Her bedroom was basically the size of a king size bed. She had like a double bed in their my god and we cram in there. I had nowhere to put my stuff. So i would like an idea. I was so worried that the the her fellow roommates would be mad. Because i was like there without without paying any and they certainly were not too into it At all been that position. But like i was trying to hide where my clothes were and i remember. One of the roommates came in. He's actually paying rent and he's like yeah That spot where. You're keeping your clothes. And i was a guy goes. Yeah my girlfriend's getting had that spot for her clothes boy and i was like. Oh okay so. I pulled all my clothes out of that one little spot found and then all of a sudden they all hurt closer. Look no took the nothing. Close them kind of a bitch dough for saying that shit. But i mean putting yourself in his position. He was paying the most random sure because he had the nicest room and here. I am this guy. I'm using his house. I'm using his kitchen space. And i'm not paying any rent. But neither was his girl. I know but he probably justified again. But i don't care. I'm paying rent. You're not i don't know anyway. He's a nice guy. But i'm sure he is a nice guy that that was a bitch move. I remember him telling me like one time. This is the kind of guy he was. He's lovely actually. But but i think tensions for having me in the house were growing and he opened the fridge and i was in the kitchen. He goes who is putting low traffic items in the high traffic spot of the refrigerator. Light and i was like what he's like there is no need for this mayonnaise to at the forefront in the middle shelf. That's the way it is not used often. It needs to go in the back like this. Do you can fix that yourself. The energy also. I didn't wear to poop. Because i didn't want proven her bathroom right. Because then you're embarrassed that you stunk it up right something. When those guys weren't i would go poop in their mouth but they didn't have toilet brushes leave a few streaks alabama remembered for homing. Someone girlfriend called me sick. Hey was talking about something like never want to hear that. She's like some of the guys are saying that you're streaking up. There barris own anxiety. I ever since then. I always make sure that there's ready in case we're about to do any and nights when drunk out of my mind before i got home pinks. Oh my god. I wonder who's who's lining up for pink made. That was delicious. They do a number on your stomach to comic bookstore. I used to go there so this is a very popular. Tourist location was closed for covid. But they're open. Open pinks hotdogs lineup. This line is like very long to hot. Dogs were huffy so one times. Pinks hotdogs did a thing on scrubs and they let me have a bunch of like if something like more than i could possibly use before they would perish. And i. I remember being like dude. I got pigs dogs for days. Because i used to love this place and the people that came to set remembered me see over texas out vehicle is driving away tells the off in case you weren't paying they goma and also it. Lets you know. Calculates your attention level and it's just telling donald that his attention level is high and it has little icons coffee. That's so funny what it looks the road idea yet to experience that one. Because i'm very good driver. Zach braff also. This is also cool. The tucson tells you when your last break from driving was that's why so don. We've stopped for outside his apartment so it says it's been six minutes last break. That's why that's really. That's wow lot of attention to save. Left plane yes off. The camera comes up. You guys see us told us whole told us. It's been six minutes since you last group to your own icon of like a sad face that comes haven't rubbed you friends all right. So so i come out here and She lives fortunately next to ralph's that we're gonna pass if you're not from an l. La ralphs supermarket and way before subway.

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