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With respect racing wise. Just you know learn from every race in take the races ago. You can't carry the race. You just wrote onto the next one win or lose or wrote a bad ray throat. A great race the races over so move onto the next race Because that trainer or the pd writing for or looking forward to that race and you can't bring a bad attitude out to them just because maybe a race before didn't go your way So you know. I've always had that ingrained in me and Kinda carried that out through my career and that's important walkout there with a positive attitude and they always say you know nobody whether you come home from a day's race or you walk down the paddock with the next race. Nobody should know how you did before you know. Know exactly exactly no matter if you're going out there for ninety nine to one zero one. Denying those people are all working those hours. And they're putting in as much work as the top barnes From a guy that has one horsa guy that has three hundred So it's it's always. That's always something that i've learned to just be positive and go out there with all the confidence in the world. Exactly back on january thirty first. I sent a text to your dad. What a ride congrats you know which race i was referring to january. Thirty first Was that a houston Yeah houston philosophy. Exactly the texas mile for mark. Cassie that was about as good a ride as i i've ever seen i mean traffic. Put your head down and just road through the line Tell us about that rates. That'd be big thrill to win one like that for for mark and your dad been in your corner. No huge The horse As had been working tremendously Donna fairgrounds i worked about every horse in mark's barn sports enough to do that and get many opportunities the leading up to texas Blasi i've been working tremendous He's giving us all the competence of the world going there We thought the recent sued him. Just perfect So when we went into the race You know. I kinda. I wrote a step slower than to like i was placed behind the eventual second-place. Winter alway around there But he kind of lead a. He got through on the rail and i was able to. Just sit and just be patient because I thought just there I have plenty of time to get up Around the bend. There's no need to move to early there i may even you know. I was lucky. I got up at the wire at the time but so it's a turf with the big sweeping turn so once i got around there and i got him going. He's a big horse. That just take some time. And once i got him go and He's all head of steam down the lane and he just gave us a great kick And you know he's he's been doing well. Since i raise you know he's been in some tough races have been running well Some unlucky draws unfortunately but I think there's more to come from guys nice source and that was That was a brilliant ride. So you got your fans out there. I was looking to texture. Dad for your number for this conversation and i looked back and that was like one of the i. Don't take your dad off and you'd exchange after that which is fun you know very It was a lot of pride for in case back to riding empire golden breeder's cup sprint at keeneland. Declan you finish fourth at a big price. But what was that. Like how to be a big thrill to write a race like that. Yeah no those great day Getting the ride. The breeders south for a lot of my my time. Jose santos junior That was all am getting that ride very fortunate enough to get that opportunity empire gold. I was able to gallop him through the week. us he's a lovely moving force He gave us all the confidence going into the race. Awfully it's a very tough task He wasn't getting the respect coming from the races. News coming from but if you looked at the forum forum was great so you second in the phoenix by diamond news but Going in there look. He broke like a rocket I was able to position myself. Right outside of The japanese runner That jose ortiz was on at the time You setting very setting. You know quick fractions for but obviously breeder's cup sprint. You are going to go quick So i was able to sit off there. And i was able to kinda just wait. Bide my time And then turning for home. I actually hit the top of the front You know it was a very exciting feeling. Obviously not many people get their experience that So you know nice turned for home At sixty fully. We just got a little weary army kinda swiss wrongly. But he's very gutsy or and he's all heart Haven't been on him since. Obviously because it'd been different areas You had a nice winter at oaklawn and then I think he may be going to prairie meadows for the state But i'm not quite sure but yeah it was a great experience no question to be in that kind of race at that moment for sure and grow your heroes who is as far as jockeys come. Who who do you do. You try to emulate Know around junkies like my whole life and gone and growing up. You know seeing how they following them. a big supporter by with the floor drew He's always been you know he's always text me or call me after races. He was a big advocate for becoming to arlington Since he was here before at hawthorn he kind of gave me a lot of ice. Coming here And he's always helped me throughout and many jockeys have Adamkus schizo Animus gets is very close to me. he's always been a big supporter of mine Even live with my dad down fairgrounds a couple years ago so i got to know him really well You know julian peru You know just a bunch of those guys. I've been you know i've been very friendly with them for a long time Not many people you know. Have that So i've been very lucky And of course gary. Carol who's my cousin in ireland. Who actually had his first role. Ask got winter For eclipse forever. So you know like say I've been very fortunate to be along these great group of guys and learn every day from them for sure i mean. That's they got. You need those guys around. And how do you deal with the mental part. I mean i know. Riding young cues the ups and downs riding the weight colossus the pressure. Is that something that you that comes easier. What's your how do you deal with that. That type of the pressure. Being jackie you know. Mental health is a big issue in our game As.

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