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Come on. Now. Away. I think you're gonna have to see the the photo that like I I saw second full of you know, like nine really look like it. But that doesn't help my story when I'm telling him. I saw. Yeah. Definitely. Pictures. I'm not gonna lie. I love Tyler Tony. Why would you like I said, I was going onto looks ego. Get away about thinking about your like attracting the right girl. You know, like, look good. Going off that so I used to have long hair had long hair like two or three years will that was my beard. I would always get me love Kello to molest. Switch hit weird last name. But he's the guy. This is us that show that girls always watch. I dunno would always get out. Always get that resemblance. Really, really, Charlie Blackmon. What we like, Charlie Blackmon? Charlie Blackmon would be a bomb one. Yeah. Engine injured. You're saying you're saying about this is us the most opposite Charlie Blackmon thing of all time. Oh, no. I know, but I I thought. thought you show a long beard longhairs, Charlie black men. Charlie's doing a lot better than what I was doing. I was trying to keep it clean. Charlie was is going with the baseball, grit and grind look. Charlie. Blackman's going with having showered in the years. Look. Yeah. Exactly. I live in the middle of the woods, and I'm a lumberjack. And y'all heard even know internet is trinity. He's well, he's a piece though. No. He is he's he's freaking awesome. Yeah. But so I cut my hair I did short. And then with the beard, the short hair now all of a sudden, everyone calls me, Adam LeVine. Woth come on. Now. So I was actually oser do Instagram. They kind of do a poll. See who people thought it looked like that was like, you know, what? No, that's kind of lame to do that..

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