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The whole playoffs there I don't even know how the blazers are like macgyver ring these games, how they win these frigging games. But this is a long term trend now and it's not just luck in I. Think to win the championship the Lakers need Rondo back as crazy as that sounds, and they need to tweak rotate all that I even like I was watching. Game One. I even I even went as deep as like. Could they give Markeith Morris's minutes to Jared Dudley like Jared Dudley will at least like for all Dudley whatever he's not GonNa help your defense very much. But he will get the ball moving on offense and he will shoot threes like I. Just don't know what the purpose of Markeith Morris's on the Laker I. Mean He's tough. I guess I just think like they have no the lack of a second ball handler is so glaring when. Caruso. Is Not in the game and they have no identity when Lebron sits their offense they have never figured out how they WANNA play other than give the ball the ad maybe he gets wwltv maybe doesn't if he gets double team that gets kicked like Kentavious caldwell-pope on a pick and roll that is going to end with an eighteen foot fadeaway jumper that makes you puke. I just. They just have never figured out how to play without. Lebron. They're going to be I think they're going to be fine but this is not a two game five game blip at this point, this is like a something might be happening here. Are, we as worried about the box. Well is there. Let me just secret today I want to say about the Lakers. This. Are. The Blazers are blazers are awesome. Damn is awesome by the way. No regrets about my Damian Lillard fourth-place MVP zero regrets I got Bill Simmons demanded a public apology for me. I will not apologize I shall not I shall not apologize entre bucks. Bucks Magic. What in the freaking Blue Hell happened in game one, the Orlando Magic by accident by accident because Erin Gordon's at your Michael Carter winters injured Jonathan Isaac Singer Demo Obama's injured. Are playing shooters all over the floor. Markelle Fultz is like the only on shooter they're playing and Kim Burch who comes in for fifteen minutes of the game and all of a sudden they're kind hard to guard in Milwaukee was like what the hell happened and the magic made nineteen threes in one game one. I am not in this series I'm not worried about the bucks. Okay. The bucks are going to win this series the magic if the magic win this series. It would be the biggest upset an MBA history. I don't think that's going to happen. But there there have been I've been a little lower on the Buxton can than the numbers all year I said I'm going to pick them together the east but I think they're going to have at least one if not two. Backs against the wall or to whatever series I don't think they're gonNA roll I did not expect this I think there have been simmering issues under the hood. You are a bucks allergist I'll just ask you are you worried? I'm. Not Worried. And I wrote this the other day they've got some custodial work to do. There's a messy crap out there I. Mean I'm watching you know in the third quarter you know right is the bucks are finally mounting run order is about to be restored in like terrence Ross on the weak side is curling off like a screen and catching a pass on the move from from Augustine and just wide open space going in for the slam in the half court and that cutting. Back. Up and bodily forty five seconds later, Zach. Terrence Ross Curls Office stagger screen. This time on the right side of bloor catches a pass from four foot eleven, DJ Augustine without a dribble. Honesty really. By the way, I short man that's not a ridicule on this team like he's playing against the longest vaunted long defense and arms and legs all over the place. And, and you know for about five six minutes at a time he's controlling the game. What is terrence Ross who's supposed to be standing or sitting in a lounge in the corner? That's what he does. Right like like he's getting beneath your your long. We can span the Atlantic Ocean or Lake Michigan Defense, and it's just like it's inexcusable I love the bucks. I. Love Watching the bucks come on guys like it's absolutely inexcusable you were being. I understand they're GONNA teams they're GONNA get out? In transition, certain? Nights. You are the best transition defense team in the league with, but still they're going to be weird bounces. This isn't weird bounces the other day this an a look at the shot quality. Now they scored one, hundred, twenty, two points, the Orlando Magic. This is a bad offense of team. and. This was half court. Just screw I mean it was absolutely terrible and and by the way it's going to get better like I'm not I'm not worried but it's just like there should be a measure of self pride and I'm sure they wanted to film room or establishing that. Part I watched that sequence and I'm like. I again to the extent that one wants to say, they are not as good as their numbers. That's exhibit A. N. B.. Well I. Did think their defense was bad. I. Thought Their communication was bad I thought when they started switching late in the game because of its was just torturing them and they were confused to know what to do. They're switching execution was terrible. BLEDSOE BLEDSOE's. Havoc wreaking rotations have not been as fascinating. This is a guy who can stunt one direction pick up another guy switch back to his original guy he was doing that like ten percent more slowly. I. Thought in Game One again he's recovering from the coronavirus I mean this is like the thing that nobody wants to talk about, but it's a thing with a lot of players. forty-eight hit an open three at out of those kind of scramble plays. But the bigger picture issue under defense was it took one game for shooting five to stress them out like that didn't really happen last year until Marcus soul and and even then that was like as much about co Ariza was about Marcus. And by stress them out obviously made, they want to plant Brook Lopez's in the paint and a pick and pop big can give them trouble and nickel Nicole of which of it absolutely torch them in the first game of this series. and part of those terrence Ross dunks was that Vukovich was often the facilitator and Brook Lopez didn't want to lean back off him to take away that passing lane..

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