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On people who don't want to actually think about what's happening and they're not even like updated they're just terrible anyone with any sort of minimal knowledge on this i think should reach the conclusion that what they're saying is not really making much sense yet there are acting like king faisal is still howdy arabia it's he was so yes it was a pretense of carrying about it i love it like these other fucking arab dictators like love the they gonna talk about cc or like old i don't know if you saw this but like they're always like oh wire wire palestinians because they're like why are they protesting israel closing the crossing and not egypt closing the crossing i'm like oh but they are like out of the where they got this idea that palestinians like fucking love other arab governments but it's it's part of that whole like it's just a like oh well they're all era they must like be in on whatever the plan is together they must be in it for the same thing as like i like a palestinian is in any way the same situation as a saudi arabian just because they're both era but it doesn't like it's the all the arguments they have just pisses me off to no end so going little bit to fourteenth what has been like day to day existence like for geisen since the pullout daily the existence honestly it's just pawn state constantly humanization like it's or concert just like the black of the.

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