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Oh boy he says well he says we can get that out to you now. This phone call happened. I WANNA say on May first row around may first so he says so. This ran A. We're not even. We're not even a third of the way Bro. I know so I said well. The is useless. At this point Ronn space on my hard drive keep going. Okay good so I said you gotTa do something for me on a chair. Because she can't use the chair the things we will wobble chair he says is how about. How would I take off Ten percent of the chair. I said that that's that's not good. That's that's not enough. He says About Twenty I said how about you take off one hundred percent. One hundred dollars off the chair. He says Take I'll give you I'll give you twenty percent off the chair. So he gave me. He gave me twenty percents off the full price not the discounted price which she apparently wasn't aware of and he gave me one hundred twenty dollars off the chair. One hundred twenty five dollars off the chair plus the fifty dollars off the fire pit. I'm like would that work for you? I said well that'll be fine. Except I need to know when the missing piece is going to arrive. He says well you should have it by may eighth but no later than may eleventh. I said all right so I gotta wait roughly two weeks for the piece but I for one hundred hundred twenty five dollars off the chair. That's fine that's fine okay. Great thank you so much. Appreciate your time I said what do I do? If it doesn't depart doesn't show up by mateen he says we'll give us a call back but you should have a by mateen. Not It's coming from the warehouse. Okay great guess what showed up on. May Tenth Scary. Nothing nothing nothing so. I caught fair and I said. Hey Ma'am guys named Sam. I say Sam his problem got the Nice Hundred Twenty five dollars on the chair at the parts not I see. You're collecting it all up. Oh Yeah I see the the money going into the the brody column I see two columns wayfair column and David Broder Right and now now. I'm seeing the money shift right now again. I know by the time this is all over. The chair is going to be free. And they're gonNa owe you money on the fucking firepit hold on so so I would say strap in guy on instant messenger. Who called me Pussy Phillips Shit so I said Hey Sam When's the part? Can you check your tracking? Let me know when parts come in if it's not a couple days? No big deal right very polite. I'm not upset with the guy he says. There's no there's no tracking number on it. What he says look you know affects is backed up. The world is crazy right. Now it's possible. Fedex hasn't updated the tracking number I sit. Fedex has one job man to put in tracking numbers. I'm pretty sure. Phoenix put a tracking number. So he says no some as it takes a day or two. They're behind. I said Oh it takes a day or two while I only go at sites. Yeah I said the part no may eleventh. I said the part should have arrived. May Eleventh I said there was roughly twelve days ago. I don't think it takes Fedex twelve days to put a tracking number. I said so now. I'm kind of annoyed. He says so he says well. Let me check my computer. Let me see what's going on. Let me see when the part left the warehouse. I said I said guy you tell me that Fedex is backed up in the world and covert. I get it. I'm not making no problem. I understand that but it seems to me like you didn't ship the part so you're trying to make me feel bad about the pandemic. I want to know just told me the part was shipped and I'll be fine with the penick. So he puts me on hold comes back like seven minutes later and he says it was never ship. Yeah he says Mr Brody We have no record shipping that part. Oh Oh okay Sam. So you tried to guilt me into feeling bad about the pandemic shipping and Fedex. Growing up right. You guys haven't ship the part. Do you ship on the part Sam. I see 'cause now you own me more for the chair what you.

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