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Right now I twenty five now til the top of the hour so in ninety six days we have the single most important midterm election in our lifetime, and we're going to spend time on this. Program going through some of the tougher races that are going to define whether or not Republicans keep control of the house. And whether they, not only control the Senate but also pick up seats. In the Senate one such race has? To do with, a Pennsylvania Lou bar leda, of the eleventh district congressman running for Senate in Pennsylvania by the, way the. President will be stumping for the for congressman Barletta I guess where where's the event tonight at seven. O'clock you're running against liberal Bob Casey It's. Going to be at Mohegan sun shine and Wilkes Barre. Pennsylvania right in the backyard of of Senator Casey and. Happens it'd be in my, backyard as well so it'll be a fun night all right, so let me ask you and I think this is very very important so Casey has a big name in Pennsylvania I think he says he's pro life and Pennsylvania's he is he pro fracking in Pennsylvania no, and he's not pro-life either I think everyone. Thinks that he's his father Bob Casey was elected in two thousand six when he ran against Rick Santorum he was a. Pro life democrat, since that time he has moved radically to the left. So radical that narrow they won't give? Him a one, hundred percent voting record against. Life So he has this this perception. That he's a moderate democrat and he his record is the same as Elizabeth Warren that might work, in California, and Massachusetts but that's not the values of people here in Pennsylvania So tell me what what are the polls now showing because this would be the massive pickup, and a lot you know Pennsylvania always? Has, been a very. Big TS, state but since Donald Trump's been president Pennsylvania's been doing a heck of a lot better. Than it was when when, Barack Obama was president is that gonna play, a big part well, it sure is I mean there. Are eight hundred thousand more Democrats. Than Republicans in Pennsylvania and Donald Trump won Pennsylvania and if you. Remember Sean, the polls leading right up to election day they sit Donald. Trump had no chance of winning Pennsylvania Hillary Clinton had, Pennsylvania, locked up there wasn't any polls here that that said he had a, chance and I I told Donald Trump the candidate two weeks before the election we were in Gettysburg that he was going to win Pennsylvania not believed the polls because the Democrats the blue collar union labor Democrats we're not going to tell any pollster that they were voting for Donald, Trump and and they made people feel that if you Supported Donald Trump you were either uneducated or a. Racist and people just simply weren't going to talk and, that's, why the polls are not going to be right they had it wrong, twenty sixteen Sean and they're going to get it wrong again Bob Casey has been one of the leading senators resisting and obstructing Donald Trump he's so radical that if didn't matter. Who Donald Trump President Trump nominated the, supreme court he was voting no you know. The state the state does have a history of electing like. Senators like Rick Santorum, and Pat Toomey they believe is now on a second. Term, so, it's not it's definitely a winnable state is to me helping Oh years helping yeah? There's no. Question that that, he's helping it's all hands on on last week vice, president Pence was, here helping me. Out, tonight President, Trump and. It just shows you how important Pennsylvania's and why they think it's winnable now all right so the vice president was there on Monday. The president's there. For you tonight where's that going to be tonight To be in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania and I. Believe people, can watch, it on FOX. Tonight it'll be, on FOX of course, the rest of the news media is too busy hating on the president so don't worry, I think it'll be fine we'll be watching this race very closely and we, wish all, the, best and we hope the people of Pennsylvania. Understand that, these jobs manufacturing jobs up people. Like Barack Obama and Bob. Casey said aren't coming back they're coming back big. Time to Pennsylvania and I think. As as, America gets. Up, to speed. With its energy needs. And capabilities I think we're gonna see millions. Of high paying career jobs, created. In. States like Pennsylvania? Ohio and places like. Michigan, and. Places like Wisconsin so anyway, we, wish you. A, lot congressman thanks for being with us..

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