Erhard Noonen, Japanesecontrolled Marshall Islands, United States discussed on Timesuck with Dan Cummins - The Disappearance of Amelia Earhart


All right 'nother theory 'nother theory is that erhard noonen unable or perhaps not intending to find talent headed north to the japanesecontrolled marshall islands were they were taken hostage by the japanese possibly is us spies now assembly both pilots were virtually killed or others believe erhard and maybe in return to the us under assumed names corey according to that theory earhart took the name irene cragg craig mile and then married guy bowl him and became irene bowl who died new jersey 1982 i don't buy this when i looked in it a little bit both bull of herself she got so sick this poor woman of people claiming that she was air harder hot tire life that she been she filed at one point five million dollar lawsuit against the author of a book titled amelia earhart lives there's publish nineteen seventy you know you know little ten years where she died i highly doubt this theory is highly out mostly because i've just seen pictures also of of young i rain and she doesn't look like a million her to me i feel like that theory is really reaching really reaching they didn't have advance you know facial reconstructions surgery back then as you could have turned her face into irene's face i don't buy ryan beck believes she was captured as authored saying if if she couldn't find howlin plan b was to cut off communications and head for the marshall islands in detroit airplane there and this is rollins he rybeck a retired us air force colonel who lives in qaluwa hawaii and he claimed that two thousand three in his book amelia earhart survived ryan book ryan neck.

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