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Com never miss a moment traffic and weather on the aids to Bob and learn the WTOP traffic center around the beltway in Maryland and Virginia traffic continues to run without delay and to seventy has hung up badly south bound by the works on getting past falls road southbound on the main lanes getting my single file to the right should be able to get by the local lanes without delay northbound travel lanes are open one twenty four is closed in both directions between what controlled and rocky road your great Seneca creek because of a very serious crash on ninety five in the Baltimore Washington parkway all is quiet on each between the beltway's fifty on the bay bridge also running pretty well and in Virginia on sixty six there are no incidents or delays to report either inside or outside the beltway running well through the semi permanent work zones on sixty six and both three ninety five ninety five also in great shape as far south as Fredericksburg south of Fredericksburg southbound on ninety five your third birthday accident is gone this message is brought to you by your brothers and sisters in the Catholic archdiocese of Washington please pray and work for peace and justice each and every day probably WTOP traffic now the storm team four meteorologist Emily draper lower humidity levels had moved into the area and humidity remains in check tomorrow on into the weekend even the early part of next week really not tracking any big humidity issues tonight though still some scattered showers and thunderstorms south and east of Washington with a cold front will have skies clearing out overnight with lows in the sixties mostly sunny tomorrow and Saturday as well highs tomorrow in the low to mid eighties mid seventies to low.

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