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So lebron. Okay. So he sent me we did doggy heaven, which was hilarious. I play a dog named this marple and a big white hat and a big boobs and a big button, dress and gloves. It's a great character. Actually. I just put that on Facebook out send it to you. And. And that was we had a very nice time. I met him. He was very sweet and a few weeks later. Maybe a couple of months, actually, he called and said leeann I had the script. We don't have a name for it yet work think of calling it the further or we might there's another title where thinking of and there's a role. I think you'd be really I think you would really be good in. And can I send you the script? So I said sure, and he said I have. Offers out to Patrick Wilson. And to rose Byrne. I thought a great cast, and I read it, and it was so unnerved ING and lease fantastic writer, and he also would change the font in the in the script for certain effect. And got me. I was reading it embed. It made me so nervous by the end of it. I locked it in the class. So and I call James, and I said I would love to be a part of this. Remember character talked a lot because she talks about the further that whole long long long monologue. So so we said great, I actually just got word that I got Patrick and rose, and we're gonna shoot whatever three weeks. It was the three week shoot eight hundred thousand dollars for the film and the total budget for the moving now. And we were we were head Honey wagons that we were in Highland Park in this little house, and it was really funny we had one security guard kind of watching Honey wagons. And there was some guy kept walking up and down on his phone, and he kept glancing over at the weapons, and I kind of kind of item a couple times, and I said to security keep your eye in the sky. I said because he's marching up and down here more than should. And it keeps looking at the wagons kinds looks for you. He said, okay. I'll keep my we sit down at lush. It was Jason blow. You gotta watch out for that guy. Because I doubt across I said, oh my God. I had you arrested. Such a sweetheart the best ever the best ever. So so we made this movie. There was no talk of sequel nothing. It was. For some reason people like a lease and to this day. I still don't one hundred percent get it. The one thing. I said when people have asked me this question, which was filled in so beautifully by Lee in this fourth installment is going to be another one. Oh, that's great. That's been talented. I don't I know nothing about it. But that's the mumble. Okay. Mumbled google. But the lost my train of thought you were talking about the question that gets Lee says something about got answered in the fourth movie. Yes. Okay. The reason people like a lease because in the first one, you don't really know too much about our. She's sort of just a nice woman and that the opening scene. This was my idea and people love that where where I because I said to James. Can I knock on the door? And ring the doorbell because I don't know. Patrick flings the door open. And I say, oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know if the doorbell work, and you know, here's the psychic. What a great way to produce. Because already shows her humanity. So he really loved that. And I'm very proud of that moment in the movie, actually. And so we didn't know too much about it..

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