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Three works from the ancient tradition of southern Italian. Trance known as Toronto were Taryn Tele dances that were meant to put the the woman who had allegedly been bitten by the tarantula spider into a state of trance where she could dance the poison away. That is the Toronto project multicultural group led by the Italian pianist and composer Ludovico a now d- not sue not sue is the name of that featuring the fine west African kora player Biloxi soco and the west African lute player drilled it Camara among others. And before that we heard the band out of sullen Tino in southern Italy called concentrate. Greg Conaco Sahlin Tino their music looks not just to the Toronto tradition. But also to the language of that area, the echoes of ancient Greek that can still be heard in the language and. And perhaps in the music from their album Quaranta. We heard the piece called Toronto. And at the beginning of the set we heard some music from Allesandro bologna who now lives in the states and has for a couple of decades now and is one of the leading figures in the revival of interest in the Toronto or Tarantelli tradition from her album, called Taranto dance of the ancient spider. We heard a piece called Ave Maria de Monserrat, which actually comes from the black Madonna tradition as mentioned earlier that is a kind of pre Christian earth goddess tradition that has a thin veneer of Christianity on top of it. And that song, you know, Ave Maria this demand Surat, it's a religious text. But you know, these people weren't dummies if they wanted to have this kind of sensual dance experience that would attract a few raised eyebrows from the local clergy, but maybe. Not if you were singing Ave Maria. In a moment. We'll hear another piece from this record by Alessandra baloney will also hear some music from the island of Sardinia before we come back to southern Italy. And here's some more of these Toronto pieces, but Sardinia is a thing unto itself with some very interesting vocal traditions that we want to give a listen to Alessandra bolognaise piece that will here in a moment is will form a kind of a neat bridge to that Sardinian stuff? So stay with us. I'm John Shafer. And you're listening to new sounds Marlene from Long Island city watched the new congress gets.

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