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Exercise is a brew happening today. Which will be our first batch packaged in an updated label. It's going to be a lot sharper on south. And as we started to learn you know other stakeholders and and what's important for the business we're able to pivot learn and now come out with kind of weber's into that. Were even more excited about them. Version one so. It's all about that that iterative kind of continuous learning for sure. If great to have a plan but as soon as you you hit the ground running the plan pretty much goes out the window and like you say you got a pivot. You gotta adapt You just gotta make some make work sometimes. Yeah looking back. You've already touched on a couple of things problems that you encountered looking back now. Is there anything you would have wished that you'd known when you started out and that maybe would have caused you to do things a little bit differently. Yeah i mean. I think it's a double edged sword. Certainly there'd be some things that we would be armed with knowledge. Were armed with now to help us make decisions in the early days but there's also a lot of things that would probably scare me off from the diving in on the first lady's so i like robin what you said about a little bit of night a day sometimes sometimes is the saving grace and in kind of pursuing dream building a new brand so for me. I don't know that. I would wish i knew any of this. You know it's it's exciting. Learning and overcoming these challenges as they come up the more knowledge you can have in the early days the better my advice other people listening that are interested in starting their own brand. Just start small start in the evenings after work and just start slowly putting things into place and also found that like other entrepreneurs were really gracious with their time advice and input on the project so the opportunity there for anyone out there. Lincoln find me on instagram..

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