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High around 87. That was the high yesterday right now, 74 I'm media roster skirt knowledge. 95.5 WSB. Let's get back to the morning Drive here, smiling right above the delays. You're in jail, these brains but no longer couldn't even tell. There was a box truck crash earlier year 25 west out west of Brownsville Road, always open. It's not even working on the shoulder Pass takes at 25, but Have you back into done? What he 5 75 slowing and highway that it to at least 75 good shape out of the Northwest. Not the same with Northeast Ashley Frasca. No big delays rolling out of Lawrenceville and Luth on 85 south, starting at 3 16 because of a tractor trailer crashed. That wasn't the center lane and Sao off to the side at Beaver ruin road traffic breaks loose below that, though, and then you're so again. Before and after Georgia 400, speaking of the sandy springs ride, 400 South, little crowded getting below the north Spring smarter station traffic brought to you by Premier Tree Solutions for all of your tree care needs, Check them out and chop my tree dot com That's chopped my tree dot com and they're now covering the South side to triple team traffic. 95.5 WSB. More stories Make Atlanta's Morning news at 8 21 hears Marcy Williams to bill clients. Clayton County police search for a disabled woman after she disappears from her home in Jonesborough Bianca Lindsay has been missing since Saturday night. We've posted her photo at WSB radio dot com. Family members say she's wearing a two piece fatigue. Green sweatsuit. Relatives expressed concern because Lindsay is bipolar schizophrenic and partially paralyzed If anyone seen her call police the Mariners Hector Santiago insists it's just rosin in his glove, but he's tossed out of Sunday's.

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