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Jake vinegar, the first one didn't look pretty, but it was good from thirty four. Then he missed from forty six off three from beyond forty in his career. He hit again from thirty nine in the second quarter. Is not a strength of his team the kicking game. You said it didn't look pretty. I can remember my dad telling me, I said dad wasn't really good. Really good looking kid. You said son any kid is a good looking kids. Right, go go through the uprise. That's a good looking kid. So Penn State will get the football back. They'll have three time outs in their pocket and too old three left on the clock. Blake hall. Bill kicks it deep through the end zone. Touchback? We'll give the Nittany lions football at their own twenty five yard line. So obviously, you take a long look at trace McSorley here. Tony hill. He's fifteen of thirty throwing the ball with two hundred fifty nine yards and two touchdowns. But the bigger impact he's had his running the football twenty three times for one hundred seventy yards is long fifty one. Here's one other thing for Penn State to consider you're missing your most explosive receiver in K J hamblur he took the targeting hit earlier this half went to the locker room. We have not seen him come back. You're absolutely correct. The to min void. First and ten for the Nittany lions trying to score an upset of his top ten matchup number four, Ohio State with the lead McSorley back to pass going down the Middle East. Buckeye territory at the forty eight yard line. A gain of twenty seven in front of Jordan fuller who tried to hit them hard and dislodge the football the Brier moot held on. And all they need is a field goal. They are knocking on the door of field goal range. Here's McSorley out of the shotgun. Again. He's gonna keep it. Chase Yondo collapsing on the quarterback and bringing them down. But I think facemask is going to be called on young again. I don't think it's a question is a face mask on your own. They huddle up. On the point. Second down. Wow. I don't understand this consultation whatsoever. That is the fourth sack of the game for the buckeyes sounds like Atta by the jersey instead of the facemask, even though it appeared otherwise to the crowd McSorley throw it on second fourteen McSorley going up top looking for granted book book tries to come back with the ball. And it's incomplete is that one sale. Oh, good coverage by KENDALL Sheffield. And now, it's third and fourteen. Penn State got three timeouts left. They trail by one to Ohio State who's runoff thirteen straight points to answer the Penn State run to take the lead. There's one twenty nine to play here at beaver stadium. Penn state. I know I need to get six or seven yards. I don't have to get it all on one play. I gotta give me a chance to get it. I down. Mcsorley takes a long look at James Franklin Ricky Ronnie, the coaching staff on the sidelines. Sanders goes into the backfield that get a first down to the Buckeye thirty eight. Mix sorely on the read option keeps it himself dives past the forty five down to the forty three yard line. Sanders. Took a big lick of the backfield the sorely kept it Penn State calls time out before a huge fourth down play Jordan fuller. The tackle there to stop the progress of trace McSorley, so one twenty two left Tony hill. Both teams have to timeouts remaining it will be four and five Penn State at the Buckeye forty three with the buckeyes leading by one I can tell you what that's how you wanna read opposite. I think his is our new treatment truly bizarre with the hand the ball off by all means. But it took him out. They took the running back out of the play. He held onto the ball and got seven or eight yards. Giving us a chance to make this first down a lot easier to opportunity. I mean, I I've been third fourth and five is opposed to four fourteen in the big difference in this game. And it changed the way Ohio State will play defense. Well, they say this game has a huge impact on both of these teams chances of making the fourteen playoff. This is the play of the game and urban Meyer says let's think about it a minute longer. Penn State's going for it twice today on fourth down. They've converted one of those attempts on the season entering they were three of five on fourth down. Yeah, I've been talking about don't let McSorley beat you on his feet. If I'm I'm Ohio State. I man up man to man on the outside, and I bring the kitchen sink. I just go for right now. We're playing for the game right here. I don't give him an opportunity. I mean I forced him to throw that ball immediately. Do you go back to the play that they failed on the fourth downplay were they ran the read option, but it was a run past read up Shen where McSorley looked like he was gonna run dead stopped and tried to dump it over the top to the tight end, Pat fryer move. He was wide open the ball. Just got knocked down by Barron Browning the linebacker here. It is the fourth downplay fourth and five for the alliance. One twenty two to play in the fourth quarter. A one point lead on the road in state, college, Pennsylvania. Keep an eye on eighty seven. Mcsorley. Shotgun left is the ball comes out. Timeout Penn State zero football plays three timeouts since the last one question about it. Everything is associated with this newly. It's unfortunate. It has to be so early in the year, but this pretty much determines their fate for the end of the year. The loser of this game because that big ten east division is tough. And even the other division has some teams that are improving there's a little more balance in the west. But the loser of this needs the other team to lose twice to win out. That's very difficult. We've seen that happen to a number of teams. You might get a round Robin where everybody finishes with one loss, but you lose the head to head. And if you lose this game that makes getting into that, particularly if you're Penn State, and you lose at home makes getting into that fourteen playoff very difficult as the big ten saw last year. You're absolutely correct. Death to pitch in itself that big dip the final four. So here it is out of the pistol fourth in five both teams a timeout left of their pocket. One twenty two to play in Happy Valley. Now Sanders shifts up on the right side of.

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