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Day. Just yeah yeah. Yeah it's it's it's a tricky business Trying to write a book and one of the nice things about the the writing community. You know you reach out to other people say hey look you don't know me but i wrote this book in could you. Maybe he writes something. Nice about it for the cover of my book and you feel you know arbel asking. But they've been there too. And i've i've asked you know. Writers had no right at all to ask to write a blurb and they're like yeah sure because they know how hard this is and they've been there and they had ask somebody for blurbs and it's a very welcoming community have also had the same writers you know. Read my book and and give me a nice jacket quote and say by the way. I kinda think you could have done this better. Which is great. I love that kind of feedback and help. But it's a great communities. Great thing to be part of. And i feel like i'm just wacky to be allowed to play around in this world with grownups. Well thank you so much for coming on. I just have one final question for you today. And what do you have coming up. Well i'm working on the second book in the edvin runyon series now and up against a May deadline for that and then be working on another spider john novel and mostly that trying to stay away from covid squeezing enough family. Time as as i can all right. Well i wish you luck with all of that once again. I had a great time here with you today. I enjoyed it to molly. Thank you very much of course thank you for read between the lines. My name is molly steve. Let's end this the way all great stories and happily ever after the and thank you for listening to read between the lines book. Podcast this episode is hosted by molly. Southgate it is edited by rob southgate and produced by southgate media group. You can get in touch with the show at read between the lines at mel dot com. Or you can send us a voicemail at seven eight eight eight seven nine four seven three. That was seven. Oh eight eight. Seven nine. Four seven three. You can also find a son. Instagram at read between the lines podcast. Thank you so much for listening.

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