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My colleague Natalie catcher spoke with religion reporter Elizabeth Dyess about the writer ritual held Evans so when his ritual get sick so on Palm Sunday in the middle of a brawl Rachel sends out a tweet and she says if you are the praying type I'm in the hospital with a flu and you TI combo and I'm having a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotics and Gina she jokes I'm gonna miss game of thrones and things escalated from there her brain began having these seizures and they'd just didn't stop at some points the news trickles out on social media and everyone organizes that prayer campaign for her with this hash tag you know pray for our HD and you started to just see this flood of prayers from all sorts of people many of him you had never ever met each other in person but we're all part of Rachel's church you know on her social media feed and then on may fourth came the news that all of the sudden she had experienced said in an extreme changes to her vitals and her brain was swelling and doctors tech emergency action to stabilize her but the swelling just cause severe damage and ultimately was not survival so Rachel died early Saturday morning may fourth twenty nineteen for me personally it feels right you know not alone in the world because she was in it sorry he the hard once she dies it's instantaneous I mean the outpouring of grief across the world it wasn't just keep all you might have considered themselves Rachel and it was people that she had sparred with you know evangelical man has she taken to task were remembering how grateful they were to her for her authenticity didn't stop that went on for days people trying to make sense of how someone's so loved and so young just died in the middle of this dynamic work that she was doing so I have to ask Rachel built this community and now she's gone what happens well you might think that when someone so central to community diets that the whole project might disintegrate but Rachel our own evolution gave all of us the fearlessness to evolve to teach and be currency it created much community we knew that we didn't have to involve allow she walked with her if nobody else would she would walk by fax she said the folks you're starting out of the church today will be meeting at Morrow that you're at work the futures and the margin the last thing that her readers heard from her was this blog post that she wrote for lent and I'll read it she said it strikes me today that the liturgy of Ash Wednesday teaches something that nearly everyone can agree on whether you are part of a church or not whether you believe to dare you doubt whether you are Christian or an atheist or an agnostic you know this truth deep in your bones remember that you are dust and to dust you will return death is a part of life my prayer for you this season is that you make time to celebrate that reality and to grieve that reality and that you will know you are not alone all all thanks to really step selenite a white Julie Rogers any case stingy ending brown in math you for sharing their stories with us he.

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