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Naturally call metro men's health today at two OO to nine OO to nine thousand W. T. O. P. three twenty eighths on your I think and whether on the aids and when it breaks starts off in Maryland to seventy south Frederick Downton doubly looking good early I know issues on I ninety five the bald washed are paid south toward the capital beltway our food was also moving all inside the belly headed down toward the district headed into the district I still have a couple of incidents in northeast one was on eleventh street between age and I streets as a result of a crash involving an overturned car there was also a crash in West Virginia Avenue northeast in the area Fenwick St dented and blocked each way as a result of the accident bother you dump trucks so again a tortoise route with that as well New York Avenue for now running well in both directions between the Anacostia and the third street tall are the overnight working ban on that and Casterbridge cleared IDC to ninety five nineteen ninety five as of late without issue no problems on the freeway in either direction still in good shape early losses when parkway south capital street in Maryland in Bethesda W. SSE doing some work to follow me a water main break yesterday at last report still had Woodmont Avenue closed between Norfolk Avenue in old Georgetown road as a result of that works again you are being redirected from the area's result rich honor WTOP traffic it has been a very warm very of time but now the cold air starting to make its way into by the morning hours it is gonna be a lot colder you'll need the codes as well as the umbrellas wind chills to be in the.

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