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She's basis. Checks, forty thousand. Goodbye banquet before he laughs. Sure, yeah. He went to New York with a letter of introduction from curdle Lummus. The big man town Horace Greenlee way. Nestle Loomis probably would've literally put actually written a letter right. Wrote him a letter for sure, right. It's been believable and Gordon. He's been. Letter real to his members that grind saves stop time. So the Erie railroad operated in the northeast of the United States originally connected New York City with lake area, which would want that. Funds raised by taxes and contracted on land don't eat about public officials and private developer. So it's public deal, the tax charges by something it's owned by the public. Everyone's happy stupid. We get to businesses by the fifties. It had been mismanaged was in a lot of debt, a rich banker, January drew loaned to billions of the railroad and then took control. He manipulated shares on the stock exchange and made more money than Cornelius Vanderbilt targeted the railroad for takeover in eighteen sixty six silently bought tons of stocks. Now he had to troll so drew, but guys on the board and they tried to wrestle back control, Vanderbilt. They did this by issuing illegitimate star. They just made things starches, Steven, thanks. So then the more stock is being made venerable buying. Even though whether real. The just fungus? Nothing. Nothing. Okay. What are those guys? The majority shareholder both. Foreign..

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