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Understanding. That is empowering and at the same time confirms to me that there's nowhere to hide because it's just me and there's no handle hold because it's just me so that's the first one the second one is that I value all teachings that helped me to understand the nature of suffering the permanence of all things and the interdependent nature of all things and I recognize that wise teachings can help me to live in alignment with my values now so this goes hand in hand with the the second refuge. Which is I take refuge in the Dharma which is commonly translated to The teachings and what I enjoy about this one is reminds me that there are powerful teachings everywhere right and a lot of these for me are found in in Buddhism Buddhist teachings and Buddhist concepts and Buddhist stories and each of these coins that we read and There there's so many sources for these and I find I find value in these things because they helped me to Perceive reality in a more skillful way. So that's the second one. The third one goes hand in hand with the teaching of I take refuge in the Sanga. Which is the community and this kind of eluded me for a while. I don't have a group that I get to practice. Where they live in. A home with people are not interested in Buddhism I live in a community with people who are generally not interested in Buddhism and these concepts and ideas and topics. I don't really talk to them with many people. Even the people closest to me So I don't have that sense of community so this the way I were to this is that I value the friendship the guidance and support of others who are on this path and I recognize that I can offer my friendship guidance and support to others and to me. This is where the podcast comes in. You know it may not be in a one on one setting that. I have a closeness with view as the listener but in a way. I'm extending my friendship to you by sharing my thoughts. I'm allowing you as the listener. I'm myself to be open and vulnerable to express my views and my thoughts and some of these are my inner deep pots right. And I don't know you. I don't know who's listening and that to me is part of the sense of community. It may feel at times like it's a one way thing and I've received emails from podcast listeners. Like you who might be listening now. Who feel like you've had a little Peek into the window of my mind. And you've gotten to know me throughout the years because I share a lot of my story and where I am and what I'm doing and it feels like you have a friend in me an may feel like it's a one way street because it's just you listening to me and I don't have that back. I don't get to hear your story and with some of you I do because you'll email me and now especially do because of the Patriot community that that has opened up this new. Benue to be able to share in real time messages and emails and just live interaction with With with podcast listeners. And it's been a really fun transition From going at this totally alone till now having some people That I get to share this with but at the same time. Really whether you're in that Adriaan community or not if you're just a listener of the podcast you you're in that circle even though it may be like. I said one way but that's okay. It's okay that it's that way and and I find value in offering my friendship my guidance and support the others and that to me is part of the personal values personal version of of my understanding of the taking refuge. So it's kind of a fun correlation again. These two notions of we go through life. And we understand that. There's nowhere to hide We hide behind our stories and I may have a story about myself that I find myself hiding behind. And if someone comes and pokes and prods at that it reminds me. Oh Wow why does this Why does this feel this way? Because I'm protecting the story and I and then I pop out of there and and decide. Okay no all right. I'M NOT GONNA hide behind that and that's little by little over. The years has allowed me to be more and more comfortable with just being vulnerable and just being me and not hiding behind any stories anymore and not be hiding hiding behind any of my views. My ideas that I clung to so so tightly And recognizing that there's nothing to hold and that as I go through this whole experience and this is far from over right. I have so many stages that I anticipate going through at the same time with the uncertainty. Who knows when this journey ends but for now I anticipate there? There's a lot more hope that there's a lot more and I and I'm going through it with no hand to hold. It's me and in a strange yet profound way I have like again going back to the bird rate. I realized I don't need a hand to hold because I have my own wings and I am learning to advance with my own footing and it. It's me it's me figuring this out and there's a sense of a faith in my ability to figure things out and I'm not saying that means it's going to be easy or that it's going to be pleasant or that that's going to be An enjoyable thing. I recognize that there are going to be difficult days ahead. I know that I'm going to experience days of sorrow of pain of Of I dunno if discontent is the right word. But but certainly sorrow and sadness and heartache. Because that's the nature of life and I think the big difference from before was. I thought that there was hope in the sense that I know I can get over these things and that the rainy days one day the Sun will shine. You know the and that's an hopelessness for me. It doesn't carry a negative connotation for me it goes. It gets to the heart of what I think Buddhism has done for me is that I'm no longer afraid to feel. I'm not afraid to feel the the sadness that's going to hit me when I lose a loved one. I'm not afraid of the anxiety that I might feel If I find myself in a position where I. I'm struggling to provide for my family. I'm not afraid of the discomfort that I'm going to feel when I'm late to be somewhere and that's when I get a flat tire. I'm not afraid of the the frustrations. I'm not afraid of any of the emotions that can arise. I'm not afraid to just feel it on. That's the difference to me. That's in a nutshell. The having no hand to hold that is the The concept of of hopelessness is strangely for me or groundless nece. I think I like I like thinking about this more in terms of groundless. Nece which is that. There's nowhere to stand this just experiencing life and whatever likes gonNA throw our way. I feel like I've become good feeling. And I've shifted away from thinking that the whole point was to feel good. I realized now that now. It's much more skillful to just be good feeling and that that is a profound shift for me and I think that is what I'm trying to convey in this podcast episode sometimes I feel like my thoughts just ramble and I tried to tie it all together to connect the dots and maybe sometimes they do. Maybe sometimes I don't but again I. I think it's cool that I get to just share all this. I don't have a close person that I can call and share all these things with at times but I get to sit here at my computer and talk into a microphone and I know that when I post this there will be real people on the other side listening and these ideas carry weight and I get a messages real messages from real people who talk about how meaningful these concepts and ideas are in how life changing they are for you listening and it makes me feel very connected to you. Even though I don't know you it's just a really profound experience. I get a little emotional thinking about that but again it just makes me feel gratitude. I want to say thank you to all of you. Who Listen who take the time to listen to these. Podcasts episodes grateful for the messages that I receive and I try to respond all of them. But I I apologize that I'm so behind and don't get too because The podcast has grown quite a bit But thank you for being a part of this journey. That's all I have that I wanted to share in this specific podcast episode. I WanNa thank you for listening has always a few if you WANNA support the work. I'm doing with the PODCAST. Consider becoming a patron and joining the online community. Where we where we have live discussions about these Cohen's in these podcast episode than we do a live. Qna sessions on Sundays and live community discussions on Sundays. And as I said there's even a steady steady group slash Book Club. You can learn more about this by visiting secular Buddhism Dot Com. You enjoyed the podcast episode. Feel free to share it with others writer review give it a rating tonight tunes. And that's all I have for now but I look forward to recording another podcast episode soon but before I go. I want to leave you with another Zenko on to.

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