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Ever maybe i five years ago uh maybe longer than that uh the johnny football things really popular and i think i just send out just a random tweet that said like oh if he can be johnny football i can be johnny roughly and it was just a blow off tweet there wasn't anything that i put a lot of thought into of the girl i'm watching a game and that's funny and hidden ago and then the next weekend i was in indy shows and people who are chanting johnny wrestling mat and then as like the weeks went on it just caught on more and more and more and like i did like pdg and i did things like bigger indy's and they did it very they they went crazy with it and i think one people saw like the beer indy's doing it laid kind of trickle down to the smaller feds i was doing and then the you know of course i capitalised that made merchandise with it and things like that and then it just be game the thing i was known for and it's just it's just crazy houses they won off tweet just kinda redefine schroen career yeah and becomes you're you're moniker now as as well as johnny kick him in the ding ding yeah yeah and i i wouldn't say hannity when i get give the joke on it like the yolk where everybody is uh when you get to do he's not gonna be able to be johnny wrestling anymore you're gonna be johnny splits entertainment i get i get that tweet literally every day uh but it it like i literally i had no idea like when i started here live like oh man i will never actually going to go with the johnny wrestling's aimed is is like like anyone knows like a wrestling things for the taboo and i remember when i did my re first singles promo uh.

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