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Of them. When when a barn like Steve asmussen's as the stock has improved? There really doesn't quite have the you know what what is he doesn't have the time but the the energy effort to somebody like the door was gonNA put into getting the source of the right spot. Probably seems like it's a little bit more significant e a couple of horses we. We should at least touch on you mentioned ban solo kind of in passing and and has got some speed and not only has speed draws inside and is GonNa put the blinkers. John asked me some book. Ends this field with the band solo inside and fluminense On the outside Van Solo is a is a play and a horse in a spot. Nick that I always liked to pause to me. It's a very big handicapping Not a maximum but ah at least for me. It's something that I looked to. This is a horse. That's been away since May of last year as a three year old so now when we come back he's been gone seven and a half plus months now he's four and he's a Colt. He ran respectably as a two year. old gets the abbreviated season where he ran in the bachelor and then in the golden circle of Prairie Meadows and and something went awry. This is worse that could come back and use this as a launching spot and when you're looking at his PP's from last spring bring you had better add in some maturity factor projection. Because won't take much for him to suddenly be not not just competitive in a group like this but be a state course again right quick. Yeah I think that's fair. I think. Probably the biggest concern with him. Of course the inside post in their hand is going to be forced right from the start. But I think if that's the if you're going to trust somebody to to navigate their way through it. I think Ricardo Santana is probably among the best at least eastern at this particular spot..

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