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I think we end with the men's money in the bank okay i think the second to last matches nyah jack's versus ronda rousey i think the final match is the men's money in the bank match and that's gonna lead people into believing the bronze stroman is walking out of there with the briefcase but kevin owens wins that match kevin owens is the dark horse kevin owns is the one that everybody's ignoring i think some people think braun strowman a lot of people think the ms i don't know what the gambling odds are i think that the new day is going to do the switcheroo a few times i don't think it's going to be just one member of the new day i think they're gonna go free bird rule throughout the match but i think that it's going to be a spectacular match but i think it's going to be kevin owens walking out of that if it's not kevin owens it should be bobby rude and he should turn to a bad guy but i think kevin owens wins that match and i think kevin owen shows up on raw bragging about it i think he uses it to stuck suck up more to stephanie mcmahon and i think that the story is raw brought home both briefcases too big deal for raw you know they were successful and baron corbin takes credit for it and kurt angle takes credit for it i think it's great i think it's great so that's how i have it going that's how i have it going let's see have nyah lose than destroy rousing anger the natty cashes in on runner than the feud into extreme rules absolutely not ronda rousey is not going to win the title just to lose it you know she just not going to happen run arrest is not losing that's not well there's a lot being invested into ronda rousey and too much being invested in her to have her lose matches so i don't see that happening.

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