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Dealt with multiple injuries this post-season. He missed game four the east finals, then that bloody wrist injury and game, one of this series, Adam Kaufman, WBZ, NewsRadio eight thirteen not a pretty picture on the roadways this morning. Let's check in with the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Ron to us by the cancer center at Beth. Israel Deaconess medical center, foreign update on a problem in the downtown area. We begin with offering. Sure copter. They continue with the cleanup from tanker crash, everyone northbound before Webster, avid, Chelsea, that's over on the right hand side, with the right and center lanes knocked out your back on the lower level of the Tobin bridge be while the upper level of the Tobin bridge is still back for it sergeant street, the Sumner tunnel jammed back beyond the airport back on the McLaughlin highway the Chad Williams tunnel. Westbound is also backed up to that point. And ninety three southbound is back beyond Roosevelt circle. Kristen Akhavan Frei insurance copter out to the west route two eastbound jammed close to a mile and a half getting by a crash that's blocking two lanes and route one ten one eleven only the breakdown lane gets by that pike. Eastbound stalls out from the westborough service plaza route four ninety five and then from before route nine to the Allston Brighton interchange. South of town, ninety five northbound slow south main street to one twenty eight twenty four north on the brakes, route twenty seven to ninety three David struck Lino WBZ traffic on the three. You know, in the diagnosis cancer, you want as many treatment options as possible. All right. The cancer center at Beth Israel, Deaconess offers you a wide range of standard therapies,.

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