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A period of time I mean the last two months have been extraordinary. And whereas we were comfortable, thinking that we had our liberties, but not really knowing what those liberties were not really. Taking time to to revisit the constitution hearing, these things thrown around all the while. All the while, not realizing that a pandemic. Of, something that has been fought for. People have died for. And now we got a decision to make. Are we going to just go along with the new? Are we going to go along a being herded into our homes or or Heard it. Urge separating ourselves I'm just thinking about some of the things that have come down over the last twenty four hours that we're going to talk about today's show like wearing face masks everywhere. That is a loss of liberty. To give you the latest on the shooting that took place in the valley. Still. Listened today at ten on five fifty KFYI. FM At ninety five point five hd two. You are listening to the conservative circus I. Am your ringmaster James T Harris? We gotta just kind of a crazy day going on here primarily because. Of the actions that took place last night by a disturbed young man in the valley. We had another shooting. And immediately You. Will you look at the video and I WANNA? Put out a slight little disclaimer because I've seen somebody's videos all over the place and I reported this video. We played audio from it. but things are still kind of fluid. And I want to be caught up in a hoax. One of the things that we're very grateful for is that no one lost their life last night. But but what.

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