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Tool insurance. Sam Litzinger, the latest talks between the Trump administration and democratic negotiators have failed to end two-week partial government, shutdown CBS news, correspondent Mola langey says President Trump's demanding five point six billion to build a wall along the US Border with Mexico. Congressional Democrats won't give it to them. Mr. Trump has indicated he'd be willing to bypass congress in declare a national emergency that might allow them to tap Pentagon funds for wall construction Nancy Pelosi, the new democratic speaker spoke to CBS Sunday morning. Effectively what he would like to say is it doesn't matter. What congress sends me? It just matters. What I insist upon the president is expected to head to Camp David Sunday where chief of staff, Mick, Mulvaney, and senior aides will meet to lay out the administration's two thousand nineteen legislative priorities. Many National Park Service employees are on furlough because of the shutdown but not some Rangers who run the historic clock tower at the Trump hotel in Washington DC, no bookbinder was citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington's filing a request to find out. Why there is at the very least the appearance of a conflict here that it looks like a federal duty which happens to overlap with the president businesses is being treated differently than everything else. Groundwater near Georgia military bases remains contaminated. From toxic firefighting foam used for decades by the US air force recent Tessa, Georgia's three airbases show extensive environmental contamination. The air force. He said Georgia's. Drinking water safe for the thousands of people living around its installations. But experts in nearby residents question those findings saying the military's review was too narrow a rally in Houston, Texas for jasmine Barnes, a little girl who was shot and killed when someone opened fire on her mother's car. They were heading to a grocery store. Andy Kahan is an advocate for victims policy. Disregard.

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