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Grow. It's the same for humans in the garden of hardship in this garden when the Caterpillar transforms into a Christmas, this involves some struggle, but it's a challenge with the purpose without this painful fight to break free from the confines of the cocoon, the newly formed butterfly can't strengthen its wings without the battle the butterfly dies without ever taking flight. My life's work is to illustrate how to integrate human connective into the garden gardens are full of magical wisdom. For this transformation. Mother nature is creative energy waiting to be born. Gardens are a mirror that cast their own reflection to our waking lives. So nurture your talents and strengths while you appreciate all you've been given. Remain humble to healing and maintain compassion for others. Cultivate your garden, forgiving, and plant those seeds for the future. The garden is the world living deep inside of you. Thank you. For more TED talks to Ted dot com. Or. Ex.

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