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Like they can handle it they have literally heard it all from probably high school through college and obviously if you played a decent amount of time in the nfl if you played four plus years in the nfl there is not a word in the english dictionary and i would imagine there's a lot of words in the english that are not in english dictionary you've heard you have heard it all so derek and jon gruden their success or failure will have nothing to do with swear words well this story actually happened before memorial day weekend but it was after our last show so i didn't get to talk about it and living in the bay area i have another podcast i write on twitter i talk a lot about the forty niners so the reuben foster story has been something really reuben foster the player the moment the forty niners drafted him and really being someone that covers the draft to when reuben foster got sent home from the combine and because just simply reuben foster was arguably my friends in the league and i personally agreed with them probably a top five talent just to top five talent in the draft two thousand seventeen he was actually the more talented player the niners took in the first round despite going thirty one and the other guy they took going three it should be flipped psalm and thomas looks like a guy that was picked at thirty one and reuben foster look like the guy that was picked at three.

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