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And all you do is pick pick pick him apart. That's what John ever see thing. Like this job. Oh, is it all for harsh? Critique but fair is it to hate don't be fair. Yeah. Todd gurley. Volume on Instagram at g four hundred you know, what I love. I love first downs. I love him almost as much as touchdowns in. So over the last three years Ezekiel Elliott has carried the ball for two hundred and twenty first downs to Todd girlies one eighty six that's money in the Bank. I I give give what what you. you learning. Jimmy. I'll know if you noticed. But when you get the ball, you don't get credit for for now. You know, he gets down. Guess what? He's not getting. That means he's not getting the ball in the end zone at the end of the day. You can have one hundred down or you can have fifty points with one you won't. I'll give you the fluky fantasy lewke fantasy. That's all it is you scored from the one yard line. Oh, you want your fantasy league way to go? Todd. Remember way to go. I know if none of my business, I know a team that lost the Super Bowl because they will unafraid to run the ball into the end zone. No. You won't tell me that would that fluky mantis. See you told me Russell Wilson's a better Rosca. Why wouldn't you want the ball in his hands because I got beat? Seasonable. Like if you've got one hundred you'll turn around and you headed to really turn around hand into it. You know, what how many limits reports? You cover the Cowboys in the heyday how How many many? fade the Troy Aikman to Michael Irvin? One yard Fe. I don't know. Exactly. Because when you got Emmett Utah around you handed to him. Okay. You got TD four hundred turnaround ahead to help you get the guy that you say he bare running back. Why will you turn around hand? How many touchdowns did Troy Aikman run for in his career? I don't know probably some. But not that many because I got annoyed four number four is ruined to me. What did twenty one call four after the game to Erin Andrews? He's a grown ass, man. That's number four joy valve need to run. Yeah. I can run that. He threw the ball. It was like he's running on their hand Michael Irvin. Same thing for twenty Walker run hand to him for twenty. I'm back to my test. This is what I want Twenty-one on my side. Oh, you're going to have to sit and watch Twenty-one on Saturday night. Live on thoughts at eight eastern time, buddy. And you're going to see with your eyes. And then your head is going to keep telling you, that's the guy. I want on my team, though, if I can use the analogy, and I don't like, Warren allergies, but the guy. Want to go to NFL war with is twenty one the guy I one in my foxhole on Saturday night is twenty one because. The up on my guy on my my behind Guy Fawkes by my pride is in lay off the rails. Thirty. Yeah. Go. I know when when it's come to push to shove in the fourth quarter, you want Twenty-one it. Nope. You do not you want twenty one..

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