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Demands drunk as hell like it's kind of fun. I'm not not having fun with some Jason momoa, hembo, drunkards. I agree. I just wish there was a consistent tone. Like, yes. Let me just laugh at this. Silly Jason momoa doing all his bro stuff and posing for self these. Instead, I gotta listen to do that's going to call himself ocean. Master and look is got to be camp. If you're gonna call yourself ocean mass. Yeah. Yeah. My wife turned to me. She's like is that what they call them in the comic. She is ready to walk out like is really hard at the mention of ocean master. I'm like that's his name. She's like, okay, I'll go with it. I guess she would have found the into lobby because that is a door. It should go. Thor ragnarok putting colors put in all of that in. Instead, we're getting dolph Lundgren with the bad Daij Patrick Wilson with the bad job amber heard with the bad Zachary. Zachary? Bad leg. Everybody who complains about Thors wig needs to just revolt against what they've done to amber heard here. But I felt so bad for Patrick Wilson in this movie. And it's rare that I feel bad for Patrick Wilson. He's quite a star. But he is a consistently working actor who we reviewed time and time again, and he's done. The superhero thing before he was night owl in watchmen different kind of film. But yes at yet both produced by Senator let's not rule that out. I definitely saw some scenes in this film of CGI rain that Snyder would have been proud of and just the overall color palette. I feel there's a few moments where James breaks free that. But overall, just very drab color palette. But this is a long movie and the first two hours of it drag Ed, so I'm finding myself wanting to know the behind the scenes, I wanna see how did they film them swimming where they on harnesses against a green screen. Swin how to be are the whole body CGI, and they just have the heads. But there are so many scenes of Patrick Wilson like slow ING and throwing his head back at his arms out and be like, oh, I should master. And I just want to see him alone against a green screen trying to pull that off and look ridiculous. And especially air. I mean, it's bad with dolph Lundgren is coming off as the best actor film. The drama stuff is making me laugh and the jokes are making me angry. So that is already I know I'm ready to flush this. I'll just go ahead and put it out there. I don't like this film, and we're really into this. But I am trying to glue to the idea that they are trying to say something about biracial identity. There might be something to grab onto here and beyond the silly name of ocean. Master what does it mean for our tyrant to unify seven kingdoms against the service? They kind of come up with an environmental pushback the surface has. Is polluted us. Yeah. Which is the storyline. The always come up with name or in the marvel universe. It's always those surfaced. Wells, have polluted our oceans and regatta get revenge. Right. So he comes up with this plan. He stages a phony attack. He tells dolph that you know, the surface is going to strike us. But we need to strike them first. And then he stages this pirate to come in with the sub. So then it looks like the surfaces striking them, which doesn't matter. Dolph knows. It's fake. We'll find out so he could have just gone along. I'm glad he knows it's fake because it is so ridiculously obvious and second of all I do think dolph is one of the best actors film. He is best underneath some dyed red hair and a fake beard and mustache my wife. Didn't even recognize him. Neither did mine. She's like that was dolph. I she always wanted to go back and see it because she'd totally missed out that it was longer and he's really good here..

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