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For us it was a pretty good breakout We just get in the zone Stop there put it on matchstick and he gave it to me and I didn't really think about anything else I was just trying to shoot it and went and so really happy about that but I think right now for actually this game it was a lot of special teams So I think PK get it pretty good job too and we score in a power place So that's got to keep going Keep doing the next game too Dominic Kublai K was right the Blackhawks went four for four on the penalty kill tonight they scored their first power play goal in the first period towards the final few minutes and the guy you just heard from scored that goal his first of the year something that Jeremy Carlton talked about during pre season is you know that first power play unit again It's a new makeup now with Seth Jones kind of quarterbacking Jonathan taves Patrick Kane Alex to bring it in Tyler Johnson You got a lot of good skill set and Dominic Cooper league not to mention how fast his slap shot is but he talked about Jeremy Collins did that is talked about how he and Patrick Kane can kind of provide that same role in the power play So it's better to have them separated so you have that explosive shot and you have that opportunity from the top of the right circle and that totally proved to be productive for the locks tonight is again was able to score while hawk's first goal of the season on their 5th shot on goal of the night with the hawks do fall of the Colorado avalanche tonight for two We've still got more to get to Let's go to another break You're listening to.

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