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The tes David will be listening. 5 14 switching gears now to sports. How about the Nuggets Last night? B. K is here with that We're finally able to break through against the Lakers last night when their first game the Western Conference finals, 1 14 106 in Orlando got serious deficit to a game to one deficit. Coach Michael alone says his team will build on this or the way we look at this situation coming into tonight. Was that blew us out in Game one. Game two we gave away at the end, so we had to right that wrong and try to get a game under a bill which we did tonight, so this gives us that much more confidence going into this. Siri's letting them know that we're here. We're in this for the long haul. We're going to continue to fight and do whatever we can. Jamal Murray led all scorers in the game with 28 points as well as 12 assists, was just two rebounds. Shy of a triple double of eight. Jeremi Grant had 26 points in the Cole Yokich 22 points and 10 rebounds. The Nuggets will look to even the series two games apiece. Tomorrow night at seven the Broncos brought in Cuba Blake Bortles yesterday and after covert protocols, he can join the team Friday or Saturday. So maybe next week, we'll be in a Q B competition with Jeff Driskel to start until Drew lock is healthy, But this week, it's Driscoll's team. He joined big Alan Jo Jo yesterday and said, moral victories don't mean anything. It's all about wins and losses. Yeah, I went in there and make some plays. I mean, at the end of the day, it's not about how hard you play or anything like that. It's about getting wins. And we didn't do that moving forward for however long I'm in there. I plan on giving him a chance to win and, you know, making a few more of those plays. You don't have to look back. And if we would have made one or two more place that might have been a different outcome. Brothers did make a couple roster moves yesterday, officially putting Why does your Courtland Sutton on injured reserve again? He's done for the year with a torn A, C L and M C L and defensive lineman Dream on. Jones is on I R as well but is expected to return in about four weeks. The Broncos are back on the practice field. This afternoon's they prepared those Tom Brady in the box on Sunday. Iraqis dropped game to a four in San Francisco last night. 5 to 2. They're currently three games out of final wildcard spot the National League with just six games left to play. We'll try to get back on track tonight at 7 45 our coverage on K Away in the free I Heart radio Up comes your way at seven at Sports and Crystalline Ko in his radio on the Broncos, Bob's Iraqis Thank you. K 5 16 right.

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