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Time to don Shaw from Holt Hey on home ACL kick it in this weekend right is that right so there is yeah we can Friday I guess the opened gates astride got a big line up this year round all Austin City Limits music festival just days away as the city prepares to host nearly a half million concert goers over the next a couple of weekends Austin police are now issuing a warning about some deadly drugs that are being sold on our streets yeah the police department is issued a public safety alert about a lethal batch of narcotics it's been circulating talk about Molly's ecstasy that sort of thing yeah and and it's it's pretty interesting KXAN went out and spoke with a a doctor at the dell sickness Medical Center on this issue and very commonly referred to as Molly's or ecstasy and it can be dangerous you have no idea. doctor TJ milling says is one of many problems with Molly you never know what else is in there what kind of contaminants these are not being made in in big help pharmacies pharmaceutical factories there probably in Maine somebody's arrive and who knows what kind of things are getting mixed in with a doctor milling says Molly also known as ecstasy or MDMA is a club drug has chemicals that cause feelings of euphoria but it can also cause you to be agitated and in some cases. cause seizures or stop your breathing you know you really shouldn't take anything that you're buying off the street because you don't know what you're getting and it can make is operating I understand the the difficulties with just say no but the club drugs you should just say no you should just say no pretty dangerous just say no a couple people been hospitalized over the past few days I just didn't realize that people were still doing excited I didn't realize that wanted the names change yeah yeah but the I've done just didn't even know that I I'm so out of touch with the dope these days yeah whatever the kids are doing well is a synthetic drugs been out there for a long while I know that I know that I just didn't realize it was want to give a warning to those concert kids out there yeah that's right concert adults as you're saying guns and roses or Chaim impala raconteurs I'd like to see the raconteurs by digital buyer black pistol don't know what still woozy no. who's up who's the big band I I tell you who or we see we got to guns and roses Mumford and sons childish Gambino the queue were Carty be your daily eyelash that's to be a popular one she was on Saturday Night Live last weekend I think yeah listen nope I know you don't know I don't know but if you're a soccer mom you have a daughter in high school a really you know listen she just had a a DNA test and she's one bad ****. under percent bad she is if she had a DNA test so it's it's confirmed is confirm she's a hundred percent bad one hundred percent yeah that's what song set all in she's all in with them okay she she wanted to help you with your career is I think is what she sings about I say yeah but you you didn't you didn't play along with her. you lost out I don't know I don't know where to begin with her one hundred percent or percent took a DNA test to prove that ha ha runners in cedar park good morning all run. good morning guys are so listen you know I believe honestly we are actually in the middle of a certain kind of civil war work we're in a war for this country as we did we come a socialist country which will turn it into a third world country quick we're gonna stay in American Republic with freedom and I believe that we really are in that war right now with the way politics is going in the socials rather going down and what I think that's done is what you guys have said I believe this can be backfire so badly on them good because here's what's going to happen this is gonna take Joe by now but he was the closest thing to a moderate the only lead sources purely and simply so that means in twenty twenty America's got about four social to the guy about the trial but I believe that it could be the biggest landslide in American politics history because we are not gonna become a source of country suffer troubling which it is firing at up like Intel that they're doing that yeah this is backed by our big time guys yeah I I'm I'm right there with you run yeah you're speaking the truth my.

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