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We of rose tree is maybe manager medications etcetera that bands will start thinking oh this is a burden. the children probably don't think the same way right but the children probably is saying I don't mind stepping in doing a little bit here and there as long as I don't have to sacrifice my own life I don't have to take time away and and we've been unfortunately the ones who have the negative effects of this one because they have put me they go part time many times to take care of a parent or and then they lose social security benefits to those incumbent Sepp truck but that is the interesting thing they'll go in my mind I'm I'm out should be cleared you don't need to be a part. we never think about the burden we just say it's a slogan I don't want to be a bird what does that really mean yeah right what is it that will make you a burden and somebody else and what can you do from a planning perspective so you don't become a burden let me give you a couple of examples which is why legal pounding fails not becoming a burden to do that do you go to a lawyer and get a power of attorney part of jelly basically serve as a bunch of people and says of all the people that I know in the world these are the three or four people I can trust will be there for me when my tips about when you read the part of Jenny let's say Jamie my wife for said my son when my chips are down you figure it out figure one up where in the part of Jen does a figure what out and if you think about it this some basic things that we know all these kids will have to figure out when either my wife or I able to manage their finances somebody is going to have to step up to the plate and pay bills filed taxes manage money take care of the house take care of the car to tend to our legal issues and when we are saying I don't want to be burdened his apart from the Google figure this out tell me that that is not going to become a burden and somebody absolute why would that stupid power of attorney not do something as simple as give directions to people that the day that I fall ill here is the person that you want to work with to be able to do the taxes I don't want you to have to figure out where is my W. to where the ten ninety nines what income do I have what direction the way out I've been working with this account and for eight to ten years do you know my history all you have to do is to call them and they will go over the iris get a transcript know what income they need to report look at the past four five six years of tax returns figure out what kind of deductions I have and the put those two things together and present that that that's a turn to you you just sign it make sure that that tax return is actually filed and that these people are not taking advantage of me when it comes to the pricing issue we say the word lifeline and that's without me it's it breaks down exactly what you need to do it's a lot of work on your part it's a lot of work on your part. but if you don't do the work guess who is going to have to do the work the exact people you don't want to become a burden to and you are guaranteed to become a burden on who's ever name you put the power of attorney unless you're part of a journey is not done right and the legal industry has no appetite for you to figure this stuff out because it takes a lot of work on your part and the part of a lawyer to counsel you through this process so you not only have a document this is part of journey but you have a manual of instructions that ensures that when you fall ill people will be able to follow your instructions and you will not become a burden and somebody no one else is doing this receive I'll be honest with you I've been looking around and concerned about retirement and life planning in general I don't see.

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