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Synagogue connected. It was a little after eleven AM when police say the shooter entered the synagogue. In the gunman firing off about ten rounds in total the fifteen style rifle purchased just the day before. With the gunman firing. Oscar, Stuart didn't think he just ran it take about two steps, and I just turn around and go the other way the look on his face was one of dread as I'm coming at him. He drops his weapon each possible the gunman's weapon. Then malfunction I yelled, I'm going gonna kill you. I chased him out. So I chased to his vehicle he gets in the car. It raises the weapon I took with all my force. I hit the side of the car with all my might Stuart says at this point Jonathan morale off-duty border patrol agent and congregate. Also joined in he comes out, and I hear him say fallback, I have a gun and then he lets off five rounds at the car still parked. And at this point, we ran out of amunition the car starts to go. And we both take the license plate number down demand. Ran back inside to survey the damage he done the rabbi shot congregants Laurie K line on the floor. We proceed to start doing CPR on her at what point. Did Howard lorries husband turn-up, Howard's physicians? So I jumped up, and I went and got the AD. He says, I'm not getting a pulse. I'm not getting a pulse. So he reaches over and looks at Laurie. And then that's when you realize it was his wife the whole time. He's working on. Right. You know, he didn't know who she was he passes out. He faints he got Howard laying on the floor. I've Laurie ended comes running since their daughter daughter. The only daughter that watching the both of your parents down there loss.

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