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Ferrall on the bench So a Federer's coming back he's up, for two in the fourth. Set trying to even it up This guy millman who's out to one on. The amazing Roger Federer that four. Two in the. Fourth he has to win. This and he's up so. We'll see what he does Roger in Cowley, you're on CBS sports radio Thank you for taking. My call strata. Boehner speaking with you, sir Oh, man The opportunity no problem right on to, talk, about I'm sixty one years old sir I've been following the raiders will forever and to me. Jon Gruden really dropped the ball hard. On this I don't agree, with the move on I mean if. They're relocating they just got two. Hundred fifty mil I'm thinking money's not the problem Jon Gruden. Really you know he he did things The first time around but he left us high and dry so hearing it now you. Know coming back trying to, rebuild things as he's putting it but you know listen to you talk about the basketball you play aren't you aren't you. Willing to you know probably win a. Few more games with that, kind. Of gentleman then without that kind of. Talent isn't the name of the game to bring in like that. I mean to tell me you have. A guy, that's all pro, in two positions in the same year. And you wanna cut that guy. Loose parole you, gotta you gotta, educate me your There's nothing to educate you got the whole thing figured out there's nothing for. Me to say they'll add to it They decided, it's really simple if. You ask me they decided that in wanna pay him and they thought. That for the price it wasn't. Worth it so they got tuneup number ones out of it and then some. Right it wasn't just do number wines and then. Some. And the bottom line is they don't have to pay him they saved a ton of money, on their, cap right, so, now they're in a position to if you will, load up on some players that are you know above average. Decent solid players that don't make that kind of money but you could still, use on your football team to win they think they? Can? Get out, of this and over time the question becomes will they, be able to afford the. Two number ones right I mean they're going to get. To number ones out of it then. They gotta pay them what this really says is that You know if you're playing their you know now that. They're unwilling to pay players right if you go. Play. The raiders if you get good and if you get good enough and you become a rockstar, player let's, say Derek, Carr, for instance right isn't he they're only star player, now what are they gonna do an app to pay him. I mean they just obviously proved that they're not gonna play star play games, with star players and they didn't pay them and they? Were? Willing to, let him set out and do whatever but there's really, nothing negative about that right. But then they did they just They didn't they didn't pay him they gave car a ton of money last year, so he's locked up there not the. Worry. About him well there. You go They don't have to worry about anyone the. Raiders win a ton of. Super Bowls they have one Blair on their whole, team I told you, this? Year on my show. This show and on Verona, bats they're not winning. Anything gay. So they'll be lucky. If they win nine games it'll be a miracle. Right that's what I say. If they go five hundred. It'll, be a miracle And what, will happen is they'll play there what are they they open with the, Rams. Right do you, think they're going to beat the Rams in their opener let's they win the game then everybody in Oakland. All the raider fans are gonna go nuts and think, they're going to, the playoffs, right because they win a game that's what they do every time. These idiot bands of their state they win. A game and they think they're going to the Super. Bowl SAMA the cowboy fans. They win a game and everyone, thinks they're going to go to the Super Bowl because they're so absurd and. So they've lost their minds every time they win they think they're you. Know they're going to win it all. Just as they, win a game problem is, they have to play sixteen games that's the problem with teams like the raiders and Cowboys but I'll. Give you this they, both have won Super Bowl so I'm. Not going to take that away from they. Know how to win they know how to. Get it done and they have got it done so I'll give him credit. For that but right now. If I'm out there playing I'm not afraid of, the Cowboys or the, raiders? Right now in this. Twenty eighteen NFL Sean Toronto, so with the trade I mean. Before the trade where would you have. Wrecked the raiders, are known another contender but, I thought they would at least be a playoff I don't even see them there now with that. With this trade in I. Did not find him to be. A playoff. Team at, all in fact with him I did not because frankly I think with, him they, had two great players on the team car and him and that was it the rest of them. Are garbage, that's it I mean they're, just not that good and? Everyone thinks they are and they're, always you know the raiders get so much attention because. They're the raiders and they do. The same nonsense every year the the All this stupid nonsense that doesn't win you games all that, stupid rhetoric, from the media about trying to sell you the you know it's the same thing don't want circles the wagons Like the. Buffalo bell no-one Oakland Raiders that doesn't win you Jack. Shack okay, so if you don't have. Talent you don't win said simple now everybody says every team has town there pros actually they don't and they have, nothing on their team that I mean. There are a few players I. Won't deny that they have a few? Players that are decent and, they can definitely play at the highest level. But I'm not afraid of that. Team I wasn't afraid of that. Team would him to be honest with you didn't they just I mean you. Said he had. Ten sacks every season he's got forty and four years he's been playing on the raiders I stunning wind today because it takes an entire team to win football games not one guy I think that was kind of the mentality that they were going? At here in this deal. Was that, we need more players to win here because one, guy? Getting it done by himself and why should we give them one hundred seventy million dollars we're not winning with him I mean at some point they had to have thought that right you don't just train, a guy, like Mack unless you. Sit around and think about And MacKenzie Gruden, are lying. If, they said, they didn't sit around and think about. It and come up with the solution that they were. Better off, getting more players out of. This that one Blair that's been there that never got anything done while he was there right I mean they brag, about how great he is but he's. Never done anything right bottom line. He is dubbed most overpaid player in? The NFL right now if, you asked me for a guy it's never. Wanted anything I mean I'm going. To get the money to players. That have done something and that have one not just put up stats but. Actually been a. Winner bringing is he breathing winning there now but he's braiding losing that's all there is to it people can say whatever they want but ever since he's been there they stink they had one good year when a quarterback broke his leg they were? Finished remember when they tried. To sell, us that mcglone was gonna win the playoff game, remember? That one the raiders are gonna still win the playoff game because they're the silver Maybe just win. How does my ass sound all, that stupid nonsense. And all they're saying all their black hole and all their Gruden hundred million it. Doesn't win anything. Nothing that's what it wins them let's do an update here's Alex Perlman.

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