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Responsible. Prime Minister Narendra Modi faces the anger of a nation in this hour of morning edition from NPR news. One Spinsters vaccine is approved for Children aged 12 to 15. How many parents will keep their kids from getting the shots? I'm Steve Inskeep, and I'm Noel King. We examine which parents are hesitant. And why on StoryCorps, a foster mom and her foster daughter talk about how they met in Colombia. Protest against the government's attempt to reform the tax system are widening. Colombians are demanding something be done to address poverty and inequality. It is Friday, May 7th, the Colombian singer J. Baldwin is 36. The news is next. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm winter Johnston voting rights groups have filed a pair of lawsuits challenging Florida's new election law. NPR's Greg Allen reports. The organization's claimed the legislation will result in illegal discrimination against voters of color. Republican lawmakers in Florida toned down there bill when they saw the backlash that emerged after Georgia adopted new voting restrictions. Most significantly, Florida's law makes changes to voting by mail. Voters will need to provide a valid I D or so security number to get a male ballad drop boxes will only be available at early voting sites during working hours. State Senator Shepherd Jones says those and other provisions target minority voters. Let's be clear. This is Jim Crow to point and I made it clear that we've seen this before. We've seen it across this country in the South. Jones says Republicans are trying to rein in mail voting after an election in Florida, in which Democrats cast nearly 700,000 more mail ballots than the GOP Greg Allen. NPR NEWS Miami The Republican led legislature in Texas is pushing ahead with a bill that would impose a series of new restrictions on voting. The measure would bar election officials from sending voters unsolicited mail in ballot applications and give partisan poll watchers more access to voting cites. The legislation is pending approval and both the state House and Senate the Federal Election Commission has voted to drop an investigation into whether former President Donald Trump broke the law when his attorney made hush money payments to an adult film star ahead of the 2016 election. MPR's Amy held reports. The decision was made over the winter but was just announced this week. At issue $130,000. Trump's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, paid to stormy Daniels. Two weeks before the election. Cohen pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws and went to prison. He says he was acting at the direction of the former president. Trump says it was a private transaction. The two F E C. Democrats who voted to pursue the probe into Trump say it defies reality to argue the money was not campaign related. The two Republican commissioners who voted to drop the case say it was statute of limitations in peril. Cohen had already been punished for it, and it was not a good use of agency resource is Statement. Cohen says Trump should have been found guilty like him. Amy held. NPR News. India continues to report record numbers of new Corona virus infections Such meet a contact reports. The country has confirmed more than 415,000 cases within the past 24 hours. Public health experts say the official caseload and death toll are both West under guns. Hospitals are severely overloaded, and many Indians are dying without getting care. The virus is also surging in neighboring Nippon, which has an even more fragile health care system than India. Such meat apart a Crip porting, This is NPR. 45 degrees. Partly cloudy skies 704 I'm Lisa Lobbies With WB easy news. Reports of anti Asian harassment and violence during the pandemic have been spiking in recent months. The national group called Stop A P I Hate says the number of total cases have jumped from about 2 66 100. Report says Illinois has the fifth highest number of incidents in the U. S cat. Shea is the anti hate training coordinator at Asian Americans advancing Justice Chicago and says here in the Chicago area, there's been a lot of interest in her anti harassment seminars recently from schools. I am assuming that there are something that is directly needed to be addressed within the school culture. In the school community, just general anti even sentiment. She also says she hears about more cases in the Chicago suburbs, then in the city. The autopsy of 13 year old Adam Toledo shows he was killed by a single bullet that entered the left side of his chest. The sometimes report Chicago police officers, paramedics and a county investigator initially believed and of Toledo was 21 years old. The seventh grader was shot and killed in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood on March 29th. Latino Community leaders have called for a moratorium on police foot pursuits and have called for an investigation into the shooting. By the U. S. Department of Justice Governor J. B. Pritzker says Illinois is on track to fully reopened its economy next month. The first step would happen a week from today. On Friday, more May 14th with expanded capacity at restaurants, offices and social events. Meantime, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants to fully reopen public schools this fall, and she expects to reach a new reopening deal with the Chicago Teachers Union. Well before then WB Easy's Adriana Cardona McGee got reports at a virtual town hall last night Light, Wood said Reaching an early deal with the union means parents can plan ahead. It's not anyone's benefit. Were these discussions to be filled with a lot of noise accusations? I want a professional and productive process. Three opening negotiations with a protracted this spring after the union strongly opposed CPS is early reopening plants, calling them and safe. They're in the town hold, CPS officials said this summer, schools will offer in person and Richmond programs an academic support to more than 90,000 students. Adrianna Cardamom A Giga. WB is seniors. Let's see a few Sprinkles this morning that partly sunny and high of 59 today right now, 45 on the syllabus, WB easy news. Traffic is slow on the west End of the inbound Kennedy and again into downtown. The Ike You're slow into a park Stevenson has delays at Central to Kensi and at the Ryan the Dan Ryan slow at the start and from 35th instead into downtown north on Lake Shore..

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