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Special report, I'm Pam Coulter. CBS news time ten thirty to a woman was taken to a hospital in serious condition tonight. While the NYPD says the man who shot her was also taken to a hospital because a cop shot him in the Bronx. Now police say they were responding to a shooting on lowering place north and university heights section when cops say they saw a man with a gun trying to get away. Well, he did not while in the middle of all that deli worker Lassana they'd be at owed. BA to- describes the chaos to CBS too was a female. Three other people. I let them in the back. NYPD says the man they shot is now also in serious, but stable condition and said, they did find the gun used to shoot the woman. It's ten thirty two organized labor. Putting on a show of force now to support technicians at cable company charters spectrum who've been on strike now for twenty one months with a blue spectrum flag hanging from the building above them. Thousands of union members are showing support to the workers have IB W local three close to entering year three of their strike against spectrum. Addicott back gonna run spectrum. Giada added New York City, New York's. Local three president. Chris Erickson says there appeared to be a light at the end of the tunnel until just last week when spectrum suddenly backed away from the negotiating table the plan from the beginning forced to strike, and plus de certification to the union more. Charter spectrum has done is a gross injustice. Abused worker. Governor Cuomo calls charter one of the worst examples among many companies across the country looking to take more power. Charter for its part says the union is the one standing in the way of an agreement in Gramercy park. Steve birds, WCBS NewsRadio..

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