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Don't know five, six years. Four. You fun? Hunching my microphone. And so how to like like. Billy Madison. Yeah, peed your pants. Yeah. In your brains is cool. Slit nine. Your pants is cool. Consider me miles Davis. Davis. That's funny. Now as a little old lady saying, and she also kind of throws it away. It's like almost grew it. It's just great. Yeah, there's more new on. Yeah, is wrong bitch, helping me understand that real. I wait. Hold on. Hold on. Wait. Yeah, we have too many brain is okay. So we just sell. We're talking about vis vis. So do you now eight one day or one Ega? No, I don't. That doesn't sound like a bad Vigo although don't, let's not. Let's not even bad or good it you're just you eat. That's. That's really what we should be doing. Right. I hate the duality, right? It's like you're either a vegan or you're not a vegan. It's like, let's have some Grayson's impatience with ourselves and not have it be so extreme and weird about more people would feel welcoming. That's true. Swede radish and vegans. I get it. I somebody recently they went like, I'm a vegan. I'm sorry. It's common or they go like. I'm vegan, which means being this is only the second most annoying thing about me like you have to address it when it should just be like it's nice to plan. Totally feel good. It's great, but it also can make you feel good. Yeah, I understand. I sort of missed the hardiness of like eating. What do you feel like you're on your heart? Well, what an impossible rigorous fucking hardy? Yeah. No, I know there's already I know what you wanna get real. Yeah, I'm thirty nine. I just figured out you can throw things in the oven. I know right stove head. I was more of a stove, and even that I was out of mice, I'm on the stove tunnel, let I'm with you. I just figured out there's a baseline I assist so rarely think to use the oven..

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