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Think the title sponsors of the U. S. women's soccer the national women's soccer league back at home so now what's the next step we always talk about this coming off big events is how do you draft all of this emotion how do you draft all the support and turn it into support for the game at home support to where that is the big thing right well obviously the MLS has been going on for a while for the men but we member after the ninety nine we won the World Cup in the women's pro league started with that went under so you're always looking for the next up work around the world this is that the the biggest game this is the most popular game there is in the world and it's down the list in the United States and the women can't do anymore for I mean right there are incredible personalities that the best in the world so there certainly holding up their end of the bargain to see where this is no doubt soccer has grown over the last couple of decades but I'm sure especially those that love that support those I play that sport would love to grow even more so now we'll see does it after this win well last week ESPN and the NWSL agreed on a new TV deal for the rest of the season is going to televise I think fourteen of those matches beginning July fourteenth six of the games will be championship both semi final player on ESPN two well the other eight will air on ESPN news so there is progress along those fronts but cliff before we move on to what's trending play that drop one time that's right right that's what they do and we need to celebrate them for doing that do and we need to explain why that may change something going can't and so are we celebrated the women right cliff now I want you to play are soccer update if you would mind the.

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