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Is robert's cafe robert robinson cafe is on the right hand side. Gone mainstream mooresville north on the right hand side. Cool all right well. We are always grateful for your tips. And i hope you recover completely. I'm sorry to hear that you are under the weather. We'll tell you something eight stents they go along with my five bypasses. Don't get old and if you do at one time but no problem. What thirty five years. I've traveled all over our great country. You my wife okay. So if the good god decides may go you collect. That's how it works. My mother used to say nobody gets out of here alive. Joe thank you for your call. We got a sneak off to a break sir. Thank you very much. We you do stay safe. And well i folks. It's the home depot home improvement. Show checkout roberts. Cafe in mooresville sounds like a good deal and We're gonna we're going to get some information together. We'll sneak off to pay some bills and then we'll come. We will come back. We'll be available at seven hundred four five seven eleven ten seven four five seven seven ten. We'll talk home. Improvement will return to the home improvement. Show with john and dave talk. Show with johnny dave. I'm john gordon. I'm dave deauville. So we've got some lines open. Seven four five seven seven ten seven four five seven. Zero eleven ten gives call. We're talking home improvement. Water-saving right now Just in light of some of the things going on in the country but Good good practices in and been so. We'll talk about any questions that you might have relative to that david. Our home depot product of the week ironically is is a waterfall faucet. Actually it's a shower head And it's delta product called let me see into intuition and it's i n the number two. It iowan and you know it's the marketing geniuses at work and it's It's to shower heads. It's like a shower head. That's mounted and then you know how you have. A hand held one. It's integral with the shower head. And then you pull it out and i like it for for a couple reasons. Number one is it's water sense product. And we're gonna talk a minute about some of the challenges of the original. You know water saver products. And and i think it would never happen on this show but there was a show On a radio station in a galaxy far far away where occasionally the hosts would explain how to defeat the water saver system. That's really not even necessary anymore. But but this so you get the kind of. I just wrote down because you know i'm a wannabe marketing guy. It's extravagance without being extravagant. You get that full shower. I like the full on shower. I don't like feeling like. I don't know i need water in the shower so you get it And and you don't have to do anything to mount that extra piece to the law When we needed to do Some stuff from my parents and they needed to have the hand held for the for the nurse and so on we i. Didn't they had a child wall. I didn't go through and redo everything. I just put the two in one end. And now you've got a pull out that you can pull down. And what i like is the price is right. If you've purchased a lawsuit lately you know that. That's you know another second mortgage sort of investment not you hyperbole but but you can get these things from as little as sixty nine sixty four dollars or you can go all the way up to one hundred eighty two bucks depending on finish and stuff like that so so that's it. That's our home depot product of the week delta's intuition to and one shower love it. That's my story. And i'm sticking to it. Cool that it lines up with our conversations about about saving water. Let's talk david. Learn things One of the things it was on here on that little list that i was running down was a glass of water and it said point six to five gallons now. I'm not a math wizard but it that's just a little better than a half a gallon right right. So so a two cohorts is a half a gallon. So it's more than two quarts of water. I don't know about you. But i haven't had a glass held more than a court since college so that why would they say a half a gallon for a glass of water. Well i'm assuming for the day i know per glass. Wow i don't know. I know i had to think about it. How long do you run the water to get cold right. Yeah i guess that's true so and and so you want sixteen ounces of water you're gonna run at least that or maybe double that to get cooler water in the tap. Won't i was getting out of the refrigerator. Do about that date. There's david dove live right. So that's that's just a good best practice right. I like cold water also. I grew up in chicago right. You turn that tap water on summer. Winter fall they were pulling it from the bottom of lake michigan and it was cold. And you know down here not so much So i do. I keep Bottle in the in the In the refrigerator and even at work. I have a little mini fridge. And so if i want cold water out put in there. Keep a cold and swap it out so So that that was just too good Best practice and at begs. The question that you and i have address many many times which is getting hot water to the shower. Oh yeah right so if if if for if four sixteen ounces a big glass normally maybe even eight ounces but let's just say for sixteen ounces of water you're burn through twice that it's it's a lot so member the the shower was five gallons per minute so for takes you if it takes you. Three minutes and three minutes is not a lot of time to get water from the from the heater to the far end of the house for your shower. You're.

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