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Yeah fuck just give it. Courtesy your credit or whatever sounds good and we had built up. I think pretty good relationship what you do whatever you gotta do. Hey you guys reacting us us getting a chance to react to whatever you say which we're going to have to do today like this is all good. It's all good for we. Don't care just give obviously. Hey this from youtube dot com slash. Sleep at max v show and we'll be thankful then. We asked for permission fox sports one time and they sent us this legalese thing. Get out for this amount of time afterwards. This asked to happen can't do this so we're like all right. I guess this is. Hey we don't want to do this but this is going to be the game. We're going to go ahead and copy and paste this thing and send it back and i feel like everybody has talked to us. Yeah nobody's going to listen to the legally we sent back. There's no way our copy paste and back to people is going to be listened to anybody else. i mean. yeah we'll see they. They did a good job today. But we'll see it was fantastic very nice. They did a good job now. Granted there were a couple of outlets. That didn't ask just ran it. Which by the way. I'm always you give curtis and they did. I do not care at all. Like i just think. That's i actually told. Cup people on the internet that were emerging as pretty big people and i once again i must say this. There are people that are much better at the internet. I am okay. I'm not saying anything. I'll just happen to be on the internet a lot for a long time and i sent him on like just makes you give credit to people. Yeah okay with what you're doing just makes you give credit to people like that's that's something on the internet. You can just fall into a a nasty holy like it's just not something you got. Give people credit like even. If you don't like what they said in your about the barium like i think it's an honorable thing to do is just give them credit. Like hey this is where this came from blah blah. What's kinda the way it works but these networks the way we have to deal with like it's obviously coming from a lawyer Me and tie typing the message back a couple of slap which is fine. You know. I don't have a law degree so i mean i don't i. I can't bars through the legal ease. But we'll see i mean like i said it was good start today but i think you're right as the season kind of drags on here. We'll see what i'm sure. There's i personally like that's what we're doing by the way you create stuff and hope that it drives. Everybody is kind of what we're very lucky. Aaron has comfortable enough to come on the show every single week. And i appreciate everybody at those networks. I'm not saying but there's a department at all these networks that is to obtain rights and i wonder if fox literally because there's what lad bible remember. They were running this for a long time. They were just buying up viral videos like two weeks. After they had been released. They come to an agreement with whatever that's called by the right user generated content there's a lot of platforms that are huge base. They take other people's videos put on our co caption whole world gets at laugh comments. That person got famous on that platform. They're happy about a boom boom boom. But then there was a time on the internet where people were buying these going directly to the and then they were sending cease-and-desist and then lawsuits back to people that posted it like to our hog was a big one. Viral hog latte gladbach. Bible was a big one. There was a couple of others. It was like that was a time on the internet and i think everybody on the internet was like tom. The fuck on. This can't be how this goes it now. Like the networks. They all have like their departments are like listen. You can use our stuff but make sure if that things on for forty seven hours after originally aired. We're fucking sue and you forever will come find all right and was pretty cool. We're just trying to use it or whatever but it's a wild world out here and everybody's talking about the rogers interview yesterday. Obviously because aaron rodgers had wild off season then they go and play the saints down in jacksonville and get the doors blown off of them. Who yeah bad band. What aaron rodgers. Do a lot of people say are gonna show up on tuesday and i got a text from people friends of mine. They were like no way does shows up on tuesday. I'm like i think he's gonna show up on tuesday just like last year after they got blown out he showed up tuesday just like any other situation that people thought. Maybe he wasn't. He has shown up he came in. I think he took all the blame but he wasn't as fiery as people wanted him to be core. I think that is what it was. He wasn't as upset as people wanted him to be. Now there are still sixteen games. Left there is still a lot of things that'll be sorted out on every team. Not just the green bay packers. But i think a lot of people said he looked a little bit too relaxed or whatever. I actually told him while we were talking to him. Hey people are not going to be happy about how relaxed you are right now. Is that something. Am i out of pocket for telling you this but this is going to be a reaction that you are not taken account building. You're relaxed and this was his actual answer yesterday in some. This did not about really by anybody that we're saying. He looked like he was too out of it. Not competitive or.

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