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Yeah. Whatever that. That's so so sorry Jilin taken coming for your and they're always like wrapped in gold, silver and green. So oh, no like, which it is. Would we expect anything less from jell? But that's really fun. That's a really fun in Trish. And I feel like it simplifies Christmas lot than like having a million different gifts. So I love that. And then recently as well in the past few years, my mom has been doing Danish dinner on Christmas, which so my dad served his church mission in Denmark and social cook. Like Danish food for dinner. So that's fun too. But yeah, Danish food. Honestly, even sure the thing that sticks out in my mind is a Danish kringle. Have you ever had a kringle? It's like pastry. Yeah. It's a pastry. Like in a circle thing. And I'm trying to remember there's a certain potato dish. And like I can't remember exactly what it is. But it's really good. So that sounds very good. I will say last year Munich, tried to do the we did something you need some. Or something you want something you need something to wear something you read. Oh, that's cute Dr sales. Yeah. And only I did it just like just random stuff like, and I was like, okay. This is something you need. This is something you and he's like, okay. I got all these things. I'm like, okay. Well, these aren't the category. He didn't the categories unique. I like having little things like that. But yeah, I wonder what I think as you have kids and some again Russians would I'm like, I wonder what I don't know. Like did. It's your grandparents do that for your mom like the gold for. No. I don't think. So I think getting she I don't know where she got that idea. But probably yeah. Yeah. I'm not sure I will say the one that we do that is just kind of random and came up as we always get a live Christmas tree every single year and a couple of and when we go we all play tag in the Christmas thing fun. Yes. So fun in the tree law yet and the jury yet. Okay, which is not. We've knocked over plenty of trees. But we it's so fun. Even when we were like when I got married to Nick Nick came, and we all just play tag. It's so fun fun. And then one year my dad texted us and a group message and was like, hey, is it okay? If we get a fake Christmas tree this year. And everyone was furious. You want Christmas to be over for the rest of our life. That's fine. If you want to ruin Christmas, but let's fun. I love real Christmas. Trees, I we were talking about this today. Yeah. We started getting in because there's a tree lot really close to our house. And so last year, we got a real tree. And I was just like wait, this is so magical, and we get them flocked. So did you know that if you get your tree flocked, you don't have to water like you don't have to? Yeah. You told me that? And it's white. Yeah. Now on it. Oh, why why don't you have to water? It don't know are told me like like preserves like the water in the tree already. Nothing is like covering the leaf and dries out. Yeah. Something like that. I don't think like that. I don't know science. Yeah. Don't hate us. Don't give us battery not have to treat people to house. I know. I don't remember what it was. But. Yeah. But I love having a real train of smells, so good q. Flocked? Yeah. Because I did not water my tree last year and a died real fast. Really? I just forgot they have to water. It barriers. Children. I know I'm like I forgot to feed it. Okay. We're going to read your guys is traditions. Some of these are so cute, and I'm going to steal them. Okay. This one says every year my sister, and I grab hot peppermint mocha's from Starbucks. Decorate the tree really caffeinated while listening and dancing to Christmas music. That's so fun. So q. Here's another one gingerbread house competition gets very competitive. So fun fun. Why isn't it sell fun? I haven't done it in like a couple of years. Yeah. I have fairly members who do that get very into it with my aunt uncle and their kids..

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