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Well not exactly a White Christmas this year a mix of sunshine and clouds on this Christmas day we'll see a high of forty one tonight mostly cloudy looks like we're heading down to thirty three and a heads up the tea and commuter rail are operating on a normal Sunday schedule on this Christmas day there will be no diversions on the rapport Newbury port Lole Fitchburg or Franklin line I New Hampshire man is killed in a ski accident on the mountain seventy one year old Gary Wilcox of Bristol New Hampshire was found unresponsive on Friday police say their investigation determined to the man had left a trail and then hit several trees on W. RKO the voice of Boston radio station the following program was produced at the ABC studios thanks to our partners at K. F. C. K. F. C. it's finger lickin good from ABC news six twenty nineteen the year in review here is ABC news correspondent Alex go twenty nineteen was almost hard to believe you're in politics without the year to calm is likely to be even bigger even more mind blowing between what's going on with the president and the upcoming election continuing our partners at five thirty eight left off a few minutes ago I turned out of my colleagues here in the touristy an ABC news deputy political director Mary Alice parks here with our friends from five thirty eight again Galen broken Clare Malone to break.

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