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Up the Strand, though, if you used that, instead of the bridge this morning, Coco's next real time Traffic update eight minutes away at eight o'clock. Right now. Downtown. We are partly sunny and 69 degrees Kogo News time. 7 51 It is time for news about your money with Sully. And what's up this morning, Sally. Hey. Ah, We're having a big day on Wall Street here because we were up and down Ah before market open, and now we're up on the S and P and downed down on so we're having a mixed day. Dow Jones currently up 221 points at 26,003 or six S and P, up about 10 points at 31 62. NASDAQ After being down to 4% that make up a 4% is now down. Just 3/10 of a percent, about 32 points at 3 10,058 So that's what's happening. There s Oh, this is interesting because I read a story about getting Barry Levine, who has blown through 2/3 of his life savings while waiting for his unemployment insurance claim to be processed, And he figures that Sometime around September. He's not going anything left in the 10 weeks since he has applied for the California Employment Development Department. That's the employment benefits. He has literally tried to call them. Not tens of times, not hundreds of times thousands of times just to reach a human being, His applications gone missing. Obviously, we have a pretty overburdened E D Agency, which is processed 7.5 1,000,000 unemployment claims in this state since the pandemic hit back in March that doubles the number that were filed during the worst year of the great recession, So he says that it takes 150 re dials, Ted Before he gets lucky to get someone on the phone, So he's calling it his part time job at his desk every day, and he gets on the phone and he dials the CD. That's his job. If you filed unemployment claims in vain, apparently dealing with the D feels like life with an emotionally abusive partners. They never know if their actions will be rewarded or punished. They're living in constant anxiety and fear. You may go ahead, Sze your decisions They're going. They're going. You could say something on the phone that could ruin your life for the next three. Well, it's interesting on that. We basically talked about this guy or somebody like him yesterday with an attorney like unemployment attorney and we're like, Well, well, what should you do if you're someone like him? Because, well, you know what you could do is hire an expert to help you. And I'm like with what money? What money is exactly right now. Exactly so caught in a circle. You know, it's it's terrible. Yeah, I think you know there's a couple things that I hope. Stay around After Cove. It number one drinks to go number two. Open air dining, but number three, the way that Governance. He's have to respond now because it's glaring on how inefficient that they are. The reports receiving 12 million calls a week, up from 645,000 week before now, I understand they're going to be overburdened, but they're right now they're force you know, Necessity is the mother invention. Now they're forced to have to deal with this right and one way to deal with, Of course, a social media. There's a company are bigger part. There's a group called On social media See unemployed at sea. Unemployed is the Twitter handle get highlights. People struggles with the agency, its creators and unemployed hotel worker named Leo, who is called the deity 300 times in one day without getting through, So this type of pressure makes some changes. And I think that's you know, sort of, you know, deploying the group mentality crowd sourcing. Your complaints might get some changes made, so we'll see Figures. Cross hope so hope you can get so join that group at CIA unemployed. I think that's going to help you coming up in 8 21 business sector in San Diego has had a sudden boom in sales. It's probably not what you think, but I'll tell you what it is coming up in 8 20 Interesting. Alright, alright. Time for extra 13 60. Fox Sports San Diego With my Kosta, starting off in the NFL officials from the league and the Players Association are scheduled to talk again today after a call yesterday failed to resolve some of the major outstanding issues. Guarding reopening protocols with training camp for most teams scheduled to start in two weeks. There's a sense on both sides that Corona virus related reopening protocols have to be settled within the next day or two. NBC News, Houston Garda Russell Westbrook pronounced that he tested positive for the virus before the team departed for Walt Disney World League has said that since July 1st 19 players have tested positive baseball news. Former NFL linebacker Brian Urlacher, the chief's Travis Kelsey and 2014 NFL offensive play of the year. DeMarco Murray, part of a group of investors, who have joined Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, in a bid to buy the Mets. The group has already submitted its initial bit of $1.7 billion. Hedge fund billionaire Steve Cone has made a top It's so far of two billion might cost with extra 13 60. Fox Sports San Diego L. A travel to sharing a touching tribute to her late mother. Here's Kristen Goodwin, actress Kelly Preston's daughter, Ella Travolta, taking to Instagram to remember her mother in the wake of her death. The 20 year old posts anyone who is lucky enough to have known you or to have ever been in your presence will agree. You have a glow and a light that never ceases to shine, adding. You have made life so beautiful and I know you will continue to do so Always Preston passing away at the age of 57 after a private two year battle with breast cancer, her husband of nearly 30 years, John Travolta, telling fans on Instagram, she fought a courageous fight with the love and support of so many. The injuries growing as firefighters work, too tirelessly put out a fire aboard the bottom, Rashard. Plus, we get to traffic in your Updated forecast. KOGO NEWS time. 7 57 It starts small no soy milk. Almond is fine, Okay, But then your boss tells you to switch offices with.

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