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And this is free dancing music. O'leary i know let's dance and not get thrown in jail because new listener you understand. I used free music for about seven years and then they threatened to throw in the police. Now i just google What's that called where they royalty. Free royalty free doesn't mean we still can have a good time raise the roof it is. Priced royalty free pride. I know well you know. Here's because normally i'd be like we are fam- you know what i'm saying. I'd be hard core doing some game. You're it's rain and you know. I go nuts. My niche the sentence. I'm not legally bound. Anyway hey the point. Is this pride. Were excited with lots to be route about big news coming to the program lots to discuss but first we have to get the show started. We know how this works please. Nope that's the wrong. One old sharpening not proud to play proud. That is the word of the day pride proud. Proud full prideful full of it right. That is very special. Pride celebrates y'all with big announcement special guests. Oh get ready. strap in this royalty free to. We've got to talk with ross straight. Talk with ross with tv's broth matthews and friends that's me there's mckee bears malone dare cj jj hip hip. Hooray it straight talk with. Ross and our secret sauce it's friendship laughter farting and sex. We'd love days. we love buffets. Oh and we're not foods 'cause we love our loons straight talk with raw. Think outside the box if everything a podcast should be. I'm sorry about this song. I know that it's all wrong. On sharda nee qua- jay talk with. Well yes and sit down everybody down. It's going to be a long show. Rest your feet yeah. Let's do a quick reach around. Cj is here hip hip. Hooray malone is here as well as blessed be the taint under under his team. Face as You you may bless it and then but nicole boyer is are the co host who is off yonder. Puerto vallarta way She had a a friend of hers. Offer free room and she took it understood. That is somebody offers you a free room. Is you know she actually pay good money for her. Tommy they just bought a house right down the street from me leakey way. But they plan this trip to puerto vallarta. I was supposed to be there. Was this show that. I'm shooting and i don't talk about when i'm shooting. It is shooting. And so i. I couldn't do it. Hey big breaking news. I can't announce right now but next week will be announcing. I'm on another television. Show that i already shot. And it will. Start airing in july. And i'll be able to announce next week what that is and when you can watch it but everybody else against what it more ross matthews on your television screen so stretch get ready for the hip. Hooray okay before we get to anything and trust me. We do have a lot going on. I'm sorry but i have to do it. This huge fan who ross. Let sand paging all band. What moon please ladies and gentlemen welcome to the program the moons we. This is why. Oh my god. I cannot believe it. Ladies and gentlemen we have four to five. Lose easier bondage. Is your cookie elephants here and shocking us all knowing i cannot even believe it. We haven't seen her in months and months. It is burry to- girl. Welcome to what riedel girl. Where have you been missed you so much misty back. Educating the public you have so you wrap yourself into tortilla. you've got senator was a to go order. You went you've been teaching kids at your real job and now here you are back. Oh my god we've missed you. Have you been listening to this show. Now i've been having a case of fomo. I've been feeling so have not understood. You know it's it's free and available girl. Do they not allow you to live to listen to. Program is what trump cards the stuck in your ears. So you can't hear what's going on. Well that's plain air infection. From last week. I understood girl in two words. How has been for you okay. That's two words accepted. I'm hundred by it. Thank you so much more with brita girl in all the loons coming up first we have a special guest can loons back to back. We'll talk to each by by loons berry prison. Victor i have a very exciting announcement to make here. Someone we haven't seen far too long is here ladies and gentlemen. Please please welcome to the program. It's marquee there mark my manager. Mark has joined the program. Look at you. How's sound because i didn't know how to is the gain. Okay should i turn it up or you. can you hear me. Okay yachts good. Okay good how are you. I'm great thank you very much. Will you know so mark and cj hauling has it been since you've seen mark who about toronto yeah Yeah wow yeah namedrop tour and see if malone are you happy to see mark no chris. You don't really mean why mark mark if you don't know new listener mark is my manager and has been here. Since the beginning of the program wasn't on every episode then got busy and malone mark. How thought in the past mark and i thought the pass along you. What do you feel seeing mark back in the program. Well it's good to see him. I think that i am having a problem with zoom. Like i don't i'm not a big fan zoom. I wanna connect in person. Like i if i saw him in person. I'd probably give him a hug and make hi mark. How're you doing. great but like zoom. I don't i don't know. There's a disconnect because there was no reaction market while you were just like what how. How would you want me to react this way you usually do. Oh let's just go back thirty seconds and how excited you were see burrito girl right. That's that's a good can harrison there. Now thank you. I mean do do my reaction when i saw mark very doing snotty my reaction he's operate. Oh girl oh how wonderful girl. Oh what a delight but siege in reaction. Either i know but never had a reaction nothing literally explode and she blood on the wall next to me and.

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